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How are you handling the change in weather? During the Winter season we need extra supplementation with increased time indoors. I have already found this to be true! Recently, my family member and I experienced flu like symptoms so we started taking Mycoferon drops to help alleviate our symptoms and it assisted a lot. After doing research myself I found that Viracid and Mycoferon Drops are the best options for cold and flu symptoms! Viracid is used for when you are feeling cold like symptoms, and Mycoferon drops are used for flu like symptoms. On the weekends, I work at Urgent Care and when people are coughing and sneezing around me I know it will benefit my health to use Viracid. You can see pictures of the supplements below.

More importantly can anything be done to prevent getting the cold or flu? I recommend that our staff at Kanodia MD take the four recommended supplements below for prevention to keep everyone healthy during the Winter months. Why wait until you start to feel symptoms when you can use preventative supplements instead!

Our Recommendation for Cold & Flu Prevention
* Ultra Potent – C 1000 / $27.85
* UltraFlora Immune Booster / $29.66
* Zinc AG / $11.66
* ImmuCore / $32.17
Package Price:   $90.00

To order these supplements give our office a call at 614-524-4527, or email us at

Dr. Anup Kanodia