Whew….judgment is such a debilitating behavior. Judgment blocks clear consciousness. Judgment blocks opportunities in every way. When you are judging someone or specific groups of people, you are missing your chance to educate your Self and go beyond your limited Belief Systems. Even if there is not a match energetically, physically or consciously, you will learn something. You may confirm to your Self that your intuition was correct or by not judging you could open doors of potentials and possibilities that will support your dreams and reality.

Judgment, when charged with irrational emotions, keeps you stuck somewhere in an emotional Belief System usually based upon an experience, situation, or condition full of perceptions instead of facts. When you judge, you stop the flow of your energy and you stick your Self in a stuck position.

Judgment according to the thesaurus is: ruling, decision, verdict, sentence, conclusion. Not one of these words elicit openness. With the play on words that Wordology is your Biology.. ruling is a verdict, an edict, a declaration, a decree and a judgment. When you are making a decision it is emotionally based. Decision are based upon an emotional edict without any empowerment.

When you make a decision, you are not making a clear conscious choice. When you are making a decision it usually has the connotation of someone else’s opinion attached to it. When you make a decision you do not have all the facts. When you make a decision instead of a clear choice for your Self, you may also be validating someone else’s opinion over yours.

You can see how convoluted you can become when you are judging someone, the situation, the condition, the happening. Judgment has no power beyond the frequency and vibration. Judgment only holds the frequency and vibration of control and manipulation. When you are judging, without having all the facts, you are only controlling and manipulating your Self. You are giving your power away, not learning anything and blocking your Self from moving forward in life.

So when you recognize you are judging, step back, become the Non-Emotional Observer (NEO), look at all the view points and then with clear consciousness make a choice. You will be empowered by your Self. You can actually empower the situation. You will “feel” very powerful without the force of control and manipulation. Your life gets much better. Judgment is not practical.

Stop judging your Self and you will stop the dysfunctional behavior of debilitating judgment. Judgment has no room in your life if you “see” your Self as open, responsive and creative. Don’t waste your time, your life, your creativity judging your Self or anyone. If something does not feel correct to you, then move on quickly. Don’t get involved. Don’t waste your time in non-productive options or being non-productively opinionated. Be clear, enjoy your moments, they belong to you. So make sure you are involved in your life and not involved in judging other people’s lives. They are doing what they are doing. Why let what does not resonate to you about them, affect or influence you? Live your life as you choose. Be done with judgment. It is only an emotional opinion. Don’t get involved or you will be “re”-volving your life around them.

You don’t know what the people involved have written in their scripts. Make sure your script is about you, your life and the choices you make. Be involved fully conscious in your life. Create joy for your Self. Move forward and have fun!