Have you ever considered how judgment affects and influences your life? You know the drill! Every time you judge others, you know you are judging some aspect of your Self. With that said, why would you continue to make judgments? There is an unreasonable explanation.

Judgment invalidates your own Self-worth and provides you with an excuse to project invalidation upon someone else. The “he, she, or they” have to be straightened out or corrected because the person or persons should know better. You know better….right?

The Righteousness Program is the limited perception that expresses itself in emotional and physical pain for both the one judging and the judged.

You are judging or criticizing a person, a group or a situation from your own past incomplete issues. In fact, with these issues still unresolved, it seems easier to judge the person or the circumstance than to see what the core of your own issue is…or issues are.

Your vision is skewed by your own personal fears of being judged. Take the pressure off your Self! Stop rationalizing that it is the other person, group or situation that is “off”.

You have no idea what their journey has been, what experiences they have encountered or what Self-judgments they have placed upon themselves.  They don’t know about you either. You do not have any “real” facts! In fact, when you are too emotional, you truly can not see the whole scope of the situation.

Stop wasting your time! Why get involved? Be it family, friends or frenemys, everyone is on their journey, including you. If you keep jumping into relationships and situations that trigger you to bring out your judgment finger, stop pointing!

Get off the Journey to No Where. Get consciously involved in your own life. Embrace who you are and what you are being and doing. Embrace each day as if this IS the first day of your life.  Never judge your Self or anyone again!  Journey… to everywhere and enjoy your life!

Sherry Anshara

Medical Intuitive, Intuitive Business Coach
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