Love looking at, researching, reading… what do “things” mean? What are the symbolisms of something, anything.  Always have been interested in how something is started, how something gets continued, and why somethings go away and become forgotten. As a “professional amateur historian, since I was a kid, the fascination for me is how belief systems are created, practiced, continued and some removed.

Since this is the beginning month of this New Year of 2024, wondered how the idea of January became the first of the twelve months. What does it mean? What is the significance of January?

Research and, of course, now the internet make it research so much easier than as a child spending many hours in the library, school, and the Detroit Public Library loved reading and finding out “stuff”. More significantly to me what did the stuff mean to me or not? Always looking for the facts behind something or some belief system instead of just accepting what everyone says it is or was. 

Loved the idea of the basis, the foundation, the core of something. Then, again every day my passion is to support others, my clients, my friends, and even me to get to the core of the issues in the physical body tissues. This apple did not fall from the tree at all. My concern is what is going on with the Tree… metaphorically and realistically. What is going on and why is it going on? Curiosity is the best!

As we embrace this month of January what is the significance of the meaning and where did it originate. So according to research on the internet and Wikipedia, this information presented itself!  So interesting for sure!

  • January symbolism signifies the beginning and the transition from one point to another. It shows the importance of being willing to embrace change in life. So, everything has an end, but the source is critical. So, the January symbolism will assist you in knowing what the future entails.
  • January is the first month in the Gregorian calendar and has 31 days. The name January comes from Janus or Ianus, the Roman god of passage and new beginnings. Iānus is Latin and means arched gateway. It is related to the word Janitor, which initially meant “Keeper of the Gate.”

Consider these meanings of January, this is the gate and the gateway to the other 11 months, which have their own meaning. We are focusing on January! The beginning or beginnings!!!   The best way and ways to begin a New Way is to consider, always and again, without Self-Judgment is to recognize what works for or not.

Focus on what works.  “You can’t change the past it is one second ago, you can change the future and it is one second from now!”  Sherryism.  With this said, without dragging the past with you that is no longer relevant to you, your life or how you are participating, then just be done. Dump what does not serve you! Complete! Done! Over and Out!

In this frame of reference for your Newness Journey starting in January, discern what works for you! Keep what works, this is your knowledge, your experience, your personal expertise, your clear creative abilities, and expand upon your inner intelligence. You are working on your inner clear knowledge instead of being worked by programming that does not work or resonate with or for you!

Embrace January, embrace Newness, embrace practical, clear, and conscious transitions alive and well into your life. What you project, what you make happen in your happenings, what you build and invent this year in 2024, let January be your launching platform, your launching pad!

Be grounded, purpose filled on purpose with ALL the purposes of what you are choosing to be and to do in 2024. Let now one or any limited Duality Belief System stop you from your life.  Be the accomplishments that you accomplish! Be the full-blown creativity that you alone and with others create for your Self. Be your own WAY that makes sense, is practical, and joyful.

Make 2024 the year, your way, on your path of clear conscious choices that are flexible, open, and full of your purposes. This is NOT SELFISH…THIS IS CENTERED IN SELF. Go in any direction that feels so good and correct for you. Be the person you came here to Earth to be…your creative, inventive, ingenious, and resourceful Self! BE YOU!!! BE YOUR OWN NEWNESS BEGINNINGS!

“Let every month, week, day, and moment be a foundation for a start to New Beginnings!”
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