How many Tuesdays are there in 2024? There are exactly 53 Tuesdays in the year 2024. The answer to this question is not always simple. Most of the time, it will equal the number of weeks in a year, but that’s only true for some of the days of the week. Most years have 365 days, but a leap year has 366 days. That adds up to 52 weeks!

Guess what…new opportunities for you in 2024! There are many. One of the best significances of 2024… is it is a leap year with 366 days! An extra day this year. An extra 24 hours to make a significant difference in your own life!

How? This is the opportunity this particular year and any year really to establish a significant relationship of all time. What relationship? What kind of relationship? A connected relationship? A Heart to Heart relationship? YES! YES! YES!

This month of February consciously makes this very special significant relationship with Your Self. From this connected heart centered relationship with your Self, your life, your creative abilities, your focus, and attention are initiated from within your Self. This Self Connection from and through your heart changes everything about you, your life, who you attract, what you attract and how you live from moment to moment!

In the “centeredness” of your heart, your real brain, you connect and establish a Center in Self Foundation within YOU that resonates to being in Charge of YOU, Your Self, and Your Life! In this heart centered Self-Resonance, you establish a very power full, and power filled essence from within you. 

Those around you, family, friends, co-workers, associates, and even strangers “feel” this enlightened, attractive, heart filled resonance emanating from you! They “feel” you. More times than not this radiance cannot be explained. This emanating resonance is felt. Not kidding, even strangers will smile at you or speak to you.  It happens. So grateful to “see” and experience this phenomenon!

You become the phenomenon of a heart-based resonance that is your connection. This connection is what this article is all about. This month of February of connections from the heart must start within you. This heart centered connectedness must begin with YOU to YOU!

The more you connect to your heart, in unconditional acceptance of your Self, the more you activate connections with others. Personally, professionally, and romantically all different types of connections, yet these connections are heart based, heart centered, and heart connected.

Make February your relationship month starting with you. In this heart reverberation resonance, when you begin with your Self, your life, your health, and your relationships of all kinds, a permanent and temporary ring with the resonance of your heart and unconditional acceptance!

Unconditional acceptance of Self, first, not selfish, centered in Self, is a strong frequency and vibration that is attractive and connecting. The more you begin connecting to your Self heart to heart this connection initiates a very healthy strong centered in Self, not selfish, empowered YOU!

Embrace this February Leap Year, take the Leap. Connect to your Self first. The more you acknowledge, embrace, and unconditionally accept your Self, the more you connect heart to heart with others. So much easier than having to “make your way” through relationships that simply don’t resonate with you. There is no blame, the crippling be-lame game anymore.

You are living in your own Truth, completely accepting your Self unconditionally. You “see” your Self as an amazing person. You came to create the experiences you created to experience and thrive.

When you are connected to Self…heart to heart, it is not viable or practical in any way to have trauma dramas, disconnected connected relationships, and get sick! Let this Leap Year be your Leap of Faith in trusting your Self from your own Heart, your real brain.

Let your “conscious” heart lead the way.  Follow your “conscious” heart. Now each and every day experience these fabulous experiences you came here to experience. The best part. You can now connect consciously with others as you connect consciously with your Sel first!

Embrace this leap of yours from the inside out. Let this fabulous leap be guided by your Heart.  You can leap, not fall, or fail. Perhaps a setback by the old patterns, yet quickly these old patterns dissipate!  Leap into your first and best relationship with your Self this February 2024.

“Self Love is believing in unconditional acceptance of Self!”
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