Throughout history… his story as described by Duality is male based. Not Gender! Duality has nothing to do with gender. Duality, as shared a bazillion times over the years is Left Computer Brain Programming that is “man”ifested through the male side of a person’s body, your body. The male and female aspects of the human body have zero to do with gender. ZERO!!!  

However Duality is the male right side, left computer brain created through the resonance of WAR! Duality is WAR! And the “con”trollers who run this planet, wake up not human, use the human left computer brain, especially now with technology, to keep you and people out of balance. The out-of-balancing includes not trusting your own Self and Selves from the inside out.  

The Fictional Trusting in Duality is based upon a Belief System, globally in a language that the masses of people including you and everyone have to be at WAR within them Selves to be “con”trolled. To be “man”ipulated to do what the “leaders” say.  

The point of this Fact or Fiction is through the ages and stages of human experiences there are always the “leaders” and their followers who must follow the edicts of the leaders. What do the leaders, from emperors, presidents, dictators, experts, religious icons (the con job) no judgment, cult programmers, politicians, whatever they are labeled, called, or identified with a title, now comes the question, why give you or anyone gives your power away to this person? The even deeper question is WHY give your power away to a persona or title especially to fit into something that Is based on Fiction?

Why? Because they are seemingly rich, are titled, are inherently the leader inherited through birth, are the “chosen” one for a group to follow, and the list of questions goes on and on.  Ask your own questions, why do you follow a leader, without judging the leader doing his or her job of “leadership” when you can follow your Self?  In Duality you are “expected” to be a follower.

Here are the best questions to ask… “WHO is running the show of the leaders?
Who are the ones behind the screens that are running the leader’s and the
A clue in The Wizard of Oz… Who is that person behind the curtain.. time to open
the curtains and see what is really going on and what has been going on!!!

The following Your Self is not part of the construct of the Duality limitation programs. Following your Self is not accepted. You must be accepted. Even if the acceptance is against life, your own life Throughout history there are so many who follow the leaders programming, yet how many people died, were slaughtered, were eliminated, or enslaved that were in opposition to the leader or the leader’s henchmen who became the enforcer. Enforcing the Fiction of the day pretending it was FACT!

What are reasonable reasons for this? There are NO REASONABLE REASONS IN FOLLOW THE LEADER.  In the follow the leader role, played out by the followers, they must do the bidding of the leaders regardless of the results! Take a Non-emotional look at history from a viewpoint of FACTS. How many people, individuals, and groups did it take to become followers through the centuries or eons and how many followers did it take to carry out the “con” jobs of the leaders?  Millions, billions? Do the numbers matter? NO!  This is the time of the “Shift”, the “Change”, the point of removing the resonance of Duality from your body, from the inside out!

What matters now is in this current time frame to Non-Emotionally view, look, “see” what is really going on! Not through the filters of media, technology, word of mouth, or whatever methods the leaders use to “man”ipulate you and people to first be against your Self and then to be against others.

The old, moldy easy way is… Divide and Conquer. This is the foundation of Duality. This is the Foundation of taking the FACTS and “man”ipulating the FACTS into FICTION.

Just an example in the first Concentration Camps, the Nazis filmed the happy inmates in these camps as having a happy life with their families. Duality Marketing!!! How many seconds, minutes, and years of murdering 6 million Jews, Gypsies, and the populace of the countries against the Nazis, an example in Poland, so the Nazi leader Hitler and his followers could pretend to the people around the world they were doing a great service to the people in these camps?  

We must look at history from the FACTS, not the Fiction of Duality Marketing!!!!

The fact is Duality is full of camps.  Duality provides excuses to keep people divided from each other. How is that possible, by dividing YOU from your Self. How? Through the Duality Programs of Self Judgment, to fit in with some group, even called families, to accept Self Lack which is less than and always less than, and the results, the Take Away Fiction of Duality. Taking Away from Your Self, your natural innate abilities to create your Life.  The life you came here to create the experiences that you choose to create in the best ways.

This is now the BEST TIME to support and assist Your Self from the inside out. A start is your willingness to accept the FACTS! The best way is from a Non-Emotional Viewpoint. Be willing to “see” the difference between the FACTS and the Duality Marketing Fiction that keeps you and everyone in any language around the world stuck in the Fiction of the so-called leaders and recognize there are those behind the scenes pulling their strings!  

Cut the strings, cut the bands to all the Duality Belief System Marketing Fiction. This planet has been infused for eons, centuries with this restrictive resonance of Duality for so long. Yet in a second or a Universal parsec of measurement in time, be willing, without judging emotionally, any of the past or pasts in which you participated. Be willing to “see”, discover and recognize how the Duality Marketing Programs have “manipulated” people, populations, and groups around this world, and acknowledge there is no time like this present time to begin your own inner shift out of the fiction!


“Stick to the facts and the facts support you to be YOU!”
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