At some point in time there is the completion date of life that is labeled as death.  For those that have a belief system that life is eternal, then the body dies but the soul moves on.  For those that believe in Karma, Lessons and Reincarnation, the soul has other opportunities to live again.  Some believe that death is the end of the road.  Regardless of your belief systems, it’s the grieving, the sadness and the loss for the family and friends who are “left” behind.  The death can be devastating.  Even if the death is expected, it is never easy to accept that the person is gone, especially if the person is loved very much.  Death is an ending to a cycle.

We live with the idea of death every day.  Soldiers at war, gangs at war, individuals at war… there is this component of life called death that everyone fears.  Yet it is not feared enough because so many young lives are lost in a war of the emotional worlds of opposition and the war of words that can lead to death.

Perhaps a premature death???  Is there such a thing as premature death?  Maybe not.  Could it be that death is part of the contract and how you or anyone dies is part of the personal contractual agreement that was agreed upon in the relationship?  Who knows for sure!  Can the contract be changed and the idea of premature death be avoided.

How would this work?  Instead of “buying into” an oath that says kill or be killed.  For example in a gang war, can you stop the death part of the agreement if you take a stand for life instead of death?  Do you have to agree to kill someone or be killed if you say “No, this contract is null and void.  No, I choose life for myself, not death!”  Can it be that simple?

When someone dies violently, is that violent experience carried over to the next lifetime if you have a belief system of reincarnation?  If you are the cause of someone’s violent death because of your belief system, is this part of the agreed upon contract?  Is this you full filling an agreement from a previous life?  Is this death part of the lesson aspect of the agreement and is it karmic?

Death can create more questions, sometimes than answers.  If there is a gang war, what happens to the family and friends on the death side of the war?  What happens in type of loss?  Is the loss any more or less emotional, then the loss of a death through the war with cancer?  As you can see, death seems to have a component of war involved.

When someone dies naturally, what is natural about it?  Is violent any less natural then a death of old age?  Maybe death is not so much of a loss, but a gain if the living is so painful?  Yes, death is a loss, but perhaps if you look at it from a different perspective, maybe death is the resolution of the programs of Karma, Lessons and Reincarnation.  Maybe death can be the equalizer to lessons learned and moving on?  Only you can make that determination.

Now, when it is someone you love and feel that empty loss of the person, perhaps you too can see that the death may or may not be the last hurrah but a freedom to move on.  Perhaps if you don’t hold on to the person who transitioned but hold the memories in your heart, then the person can live forever in your memories.

Celebrate the life of your family member or friend.  Recognize his or her contribution to your life without judging.  Maybe his or her part of the relationship supported you to be stronger and to know your Self even deeper.  Whatever the case, whomever it is that has transitioned, without judging, let he or she move on.  Then you can move on and keep the memories in your heart or not.  Death is a transition.

Now it is time for you to live your Self, not death.  Embrace your aliveness.  This is your life!  Complete and move forward.  The departed is doing just this!