What is addiction, complicated or maybe not!  Why do you take drugs and/or alcohol?  To numb and dumb your Self?  To pretend?  To hide?  To avoid life?  Yes, it is all of these things and even more.  Why does addiction happen to you and anyone?  It happens a little bit at a time.  A little bit of avoidance that turns into a landslide of escapism.  A tsunami of emotional discharge that comes from the depths of a body that is in jeopardy with itself.

Addiction is an emotional roller coaster of ups and mostly downs triggered by self-sabotage, low self worth and avoidance.

The core of addiction, even if it is assigned the label of disease, is validation.  Everyone is seeking, searching and looking for validation.  The not good enough programming rears its ugly head at the center of addiction. The desperate yearning at the soul level of consciousness… “please somebody love me, like me, validate me at least just once so I know I am alive.”  These are some heavy words that penetrate your soul, your spirit and now your body in this sometimes overwhelming search for validation.

Everyone step back a moment!  Listen to the words that you say to others.  Listen to the language you use when you are talking to children especially.  If you are in an emotional down moment, step back before you say to a child.. “you are stupid, you are not good enough, what is wrong with you.”  Remember you were a child once that probably heard these same words. 

These words embed deeply at the soul level of validation.  Over the years this devastating Wordology is your Biology gnaws away at your Self-Respect factor. From childhood through adulthood these words lead the way to self-destructive patterns of behavior more times than not culminating in this disease called alcoholism or drug addiction, whether prescription or street drugs, they are all the same.  All because you don’t believe you are worthy of validation. You didn’t believe you are worthy and have worth.  You didn’t believe you have value and are valuable to your Self and everyone around you.  You are worthy and valuable.   

Taking drugs and alcohol to dumb your Self takes away your life force.  You miss life. You miss having relationships with your family.  Children of alcoholics become so engrained in the behavior they “think” this is the way it is. They either become addicts or they marry and have relationships with addicts.  This is NOT the way it is. The shift from alcohol to consciousness starts with your willingness to validate your Self. You can not change the past in any way, shape or form.  You don’t have to believe the Self-sabotage talk any more.  Here’s a way to start:

“I am the only one that can validate me. 

For those outside of me who validate me, I thank them. 

For those in the past or even now…Oh Well, Oh Well, Oh Well. 

I take back my power now.”

I don’t have to affirm any more the language of alcoholism or drug addition any more. I am more than just a label of addiction.  Does this sound to simplistic?  Maybe this is what it takes to simply say… “I am more than addiction. I can validate my Self.  I can heal at my Soul level of consciousness. I can heal my Self.  It begins with me.”

Very powerful statements to make to your Self!  You must know you deserve to live your life free and clear.  Start validating your Self each and every day and see what happens. Believe in your Self.  This is the way out of addiction and the way back into life.  Say the words, believe them at your core and give your Self the time to make the change. Addiction didn’t happen to you in one day. But one day can make a difference in your life.


“All of us have unique talents and gifts.  No obstacle, be it physical, mental or emotional has the power to destroy our innate creative energies.

                                                                                                -Liane Cordes

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