At times or in all your times, have you ever felt invisible?  Have you felt so bad about your Self that you sank into the background hoping, wishing and wanting no one to see you?  Have you thought of your Self as insignificant even when others said you were “all together”?  Yet inside you were afraid that anyone would notice you.  Did you project a persona of your Self that never rang true to you?  Maybe you did this to survive or so that no one would notice what you were experiencing inside of you.

Well, it doesn’t have to be this way. The Invisible Program is an insidious fear that begins somewhere in the past.  Who knows who said the “what” to you that began the power-taking-away word or statement that pushed you deep inside your Self to become invisible and unnoticed.  Who knows who was the unconscious person who made you think you were not valuable or not worth you being the “real” you?

At the time of the first incident, you were probably too inexperienced to not accept an authority figure’s idea of you.  When you are a child and your power is taken away by an unconscious adult, whether inside your Self you believed otherwise, you will succumb to the authority figure and accept their label of you.

The Invisibility Programs happens this way…  “What do you know?”… “You are stupid”… “You don’t know what you are talking about!”… “I am smarter than you”…“Shut up!” … and the list goes on.  Embedded with fear about your own abilities, you give your power away unconsciously.  A profile is established inside of you that you are less.  The profile outside of you that gets established is that someone outside of you has more knowledge about you than you. None of this is the Truth of who you are.

You just didn’t have the experience at a young age to question the authority figure.  Now you can question.  Question everything that doesn’t feel right to you. If it doesn’t feel correct for you, it isn’t!  Step up into your own personal power.  Step out of the shadow of the past and the past experiences.  Begin to state your Truth with kindness and compassion but nonetheless… Stand Up and State your Truth.  Be Visible!

Step into life.  Step into Your Life.  You deserve to be visible.  Be your Truth. Who cares if someone outside of you judges you!  Who judges you is judging oneself!  He or she is afraid of being invisible. So don’t buy into the Invisible Program anymore. Stand up and Stand out!

Embrace your Self.  Embrace your Life. Don’t disguise Your Self anymore.  Be Your Self!   Be VISIBLE and claim your Life!