This article was published in 2008 in the Holistic Nurses Journal Beginnings – the Medical Journal for Nurses and healthcare practitioners. Though I have been teaching and facilitating for my clients for over 30 years, “beginning” in Michigan, the best part of Involved Conscious Evolution for me and for all of us in our journeys of healing at the Cellular Level of Beingness!

I am so grateful that this nurse’s organization recognized many years ago my methodology to assist individuals and families to heal at the origination point of their illness, disease, and dysfunction!

When patients are fearful about their health, they emit negative emotions. Nurses can use intuitive sense therapy to avoid feeling drained or burnt out from patients’ negative emotions and, at the same time, connect with their patients to comprehend their issues and promote their healing. 

Intuitive sense therapy is a practical mixture of intuition and common sense that comes through detached observation.  It is based on the premise that everything is physical, even emotions, which are emitted through our energy fields. These energy fields are transferred directly from one person to another via bands, or “strings,” as described by quantum physics string theorist Michio Kaku (1995). 

All of the emotions we’ve experienced through our lifetime are embedded in our cells, and these emotions affect our health. Naturopathic physician Dr. Cristina Kovalik (personal communication, September 25, 2005) explains: All cells have memory and remember every emotion,  word, trauma, etc. that is affecting the body right now… [People can] become aware of what is going on in their body and what it means to them. This gives them the opportunity to clear it or not if it serves them.  

The information that comes from cellular memory encompasses the body’s systems, the chakra systems, the physical, the emotional – everything – including the bio-energy field, which is the place of consciousness in which the bands or strings of consciousness are transmitted and transferred from one person to another. Intuitive sense therapy allows nurses to sense energy bands so the patient’s emission of negative energy becomes less draining on the nurse.  

Intuitive sense therapy is a

a practical mixture of intuition  

and common sense that comes  

through detached observation. 


Here’s how it works. The caregiver, as a detached observer, begins by analyzing the patient’s body orientation.

For example, when lying down, is the patient’s head aligned with her spine or off to the side? If it’s off to the side, the caregiver considers how the alignment problem is related to the patient’s physical diagnosis, and then, through a series of questions, elicit from the patient what role emotional issues (e.g., divorce, job loss, abuse, etc.) play in the misalignment. The idea in a nutshell is that you can’t change the what(the physical) until you know the why (the emotional).  

The nurse uses her/his intuition, based on the patient’s body language, to determine what questions will best elicit the emotional issues that are stored at the cellular level and are thereby blocking healing. For instance, if the patient lies with her hands on her stomach, the nurse probes to see if the patient has emotional issues that are associated with stomach pain.

The nurse can also consult the QuantumPathic Physical/Energetic Connections in the Human Body diagram (see figure at right) to trace the connections between emotional trauma and where they manifest physically in the body. Once nurses and patients understand the connection between the patient’s emotional trauma and physical ailment, they can begin the therapeutic part of the intuitive sense therapy process. Intuitive sense therapy creates a closer, more supportive connection between nurse and patient. Nurses benefit because they eliminate taking on patients’ negative energy and thereby prevent burnout. Patients benefit because they feel more understood and learn how to counteract the negative emotions stored in their cells so they can heal themselves. 

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