Intentions, Resolutions

Have you made New Year’s resolutions yet? Many times, for whatever reason, we set the “bar” at a level that is not always achievable. Many times in setting our New Year’s resolutions they may not be effective as solutions that are practical. It is not that we are doing anything wrong! We just sometimes set our expectations for ourselves in unrealistic terms. That’s why so many New Year’s resolutions don’t have resolutions or solutions.

So whatever our resolutions are, perhaps we may take a look at them from a different point of view. Instead of using the word “resolution”, why not consider “setting intentions”? Believe it or not, setting intentions has an energetic dynamic in itself. Most of the time when we make a resolution it is in a consciousness or energy of wanty-needy. The idea of resolutions is to “fix” something within ourselves that we don’t like. From a reality where something is wrong and needs to be fixed, our energy field of creativity is unstable. This is why resolutions don’t succeed. As a result of this instability our creative energy is based on a wanty-needy consciousness. “We want and need to be fixed.”

When we set our creative energy through intentions, the foundation of our creative energy is stable. The word “intention” itself means our intent from an “ion” or cellular level. In this clear, stable place we begin to manifest that which we require, desire and deserve without “wanty-needy”. We require physical manifestations; relationships, food, clothing, homes, cars, jobs, careers etc. Whether a requirement is for a big home, a small home, a big car, a small car…all is manifested through our intentions.

The word “desire” means “to birth”. This means it is up to us to birth or create with clear intentions from our cellular level of consciousness everything that we require. The word “deserve” means “of service to Self”. That does not mean being self-centered. It means when we are creating through intention what we require, desire and deserve, we are centered within ourselves. In this space of focused consciousness we are in charge of our creative processes. We begin to manifest our lives in very practical, productive and healthy ways.

Setting New Year’s resolutions are usually short-lived, non-productive and easily forgotten (ignored). This is probably a good thing! By setting intentions, we are not limited to the beginning of each year. As a suggestion, make a list of intentions of what is required, desired and deserved. Add to them each day, week or month. Be clear about what our intentions are. Be specific about what we ask for because we will get it. The creative consciousness within all of us is absolutely unlimited.

Set intentions, don’t dwell on them, let the Universe and now Multi-verse. Do the work, check our lists occasionally, check off what has been manifested, be grateful, add more intentions and keep the process going! There are eleven more months in this year of 2019 to set intentions and manifest them. Go for it. Have fun, be happy and enjoy setting Intentions and seeing them fulfilled.

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