So many people ask me… “What is my purpose? Why am I here? What’s the point? What is this(?) all about?” Where is this all leading?” And so many more questions than there appears to be answer! Yet?

Does there really have to be answers? What a weird thing to say since my Anshara Method of Accelerated Healing and Abundance, my AHA! Method is all about finding the answers. Get to and resolve these answers to you and everyone is experiencing the specific issues in their tissues, defined as an illness, sickness, disease, emotional and physical problems, and this list goes on.  

However…hmmm… is there always supposed to be answers. Well, maybe not. I am not talking about finding the answers to your emotional, mental, physical, spiritual, and financial issues, yes that can be accomplished.  

What about, instead of answers, discovering as an explorer, the impact, the imprint, the impression, or even the energetic footprint of your life or other people’s impact on each other lives through the eons, centuries, years, months, days, and even minutes. 

Look back, as NEO, Non Emotional Observer of the people you met along your life’s path, some you knew, some you didn’t know, some you read about currently or from the history books, and some you may have just heard about. All of these individuals or even groups of individuals left an imprint on you.

Throughout your own life, reflect what is your own imprint on you, your family, those you got along with and those you didn’t, those you didn’t see eye to eye, those you called friends though your friends were not all alike, those you didn’t like or even hated, those who made no sense to you but perhaps tried to convince them of something, or even those you didn’t know but they had heard about you, your work, your life? These questions can go on and on.

What about others who imprinted on you? Family, friends, frenemies, strangers, those who came in and out of your life, some came in and stayed, some came in and left never to return, some you could always count on and some you never could count on! 

What is the point of this article about imprints? Well, they are physical and they are energetic. Some of these energetic imprints are very short term, possibly from a stranger, a chance meeting, a momentary encounter, a connection through a book, a movie, a seminar, an experience at the moment.  

Some of these energetic encounters are long-lasting. These are called friendships, whether biological or not. These are connections that are compatible, well matched, harmonically attuned with you on many levels of connections.  

The lists on both sides of the equations of imprints can have so many more answers than questions. Could even say about these imprints… “Just connected, don’t always know why!”

Really does it matter the why’s?  I say NO!  Why do I say know? I say NO for many reasons. Sometimes the reasons are not explainable. They just are connections that have given me, for instance, memorable memories that do not have any agendas, emotional or mental or any kind for that matter.

These imprints are deeper and more impact FULL of experiences you and I and all of us have had. They are the wondrous experiences that left an impression on your life, all of our lives in the most unique way. These are the experiences that occur in the most profound ways.

As I look back, reflect there are so many individuals in my life from the past, even the ancient past, the near past, and currently who have imprinted on me through our encounters, the most remarkable experiences, impacts, heart touching and transfer of energetic imprints of kindness to me. Actually, no words can explain the feelings in my own heart deep within my cellular realms of me of how a person or persons touched my life!

Here’s one of my favorite examples.  Miss Richmond, my 7th Grade Latin teacher, invited me to her small, very humble apartment.  She would tell me about ancient Roman history, the history of the Latin Language, and touch my own personal quest to find answers to why things happened as they did on this planet. She inspired me. She taught me.  She stirred in me my own personal quest to find the answers to my questions, to find the Truth.  

I discovered she was happy that I would “listen” to her. To be interested in her knowledge, to be interested in all she had to say.  Certainly, she was not famous, but who cared. She showed interest in me. She showed me that she cared.  

These are the imprints I am talking about. When you “listen”, not hear, when someone is “listening” to you, not just hearing through their left computer brain. There is a much deeper connection in these imprints. 

There are no words to describe or even one word…but I will use the word connections. This is what I had with Miss Richmond.  She is long gone but her imprints live in my heart and my Cellular Core of me forever.

Miss Richmond is a significant part of my Cellular Memory of connections that I will take with me forever. In the forever place or places where I will go and what she “taught” me through listening, not hearing through my left computer brain.

As an FYI, I envision these types of connections being the foundation of the perhaps… the New Earth, the New Real Humans, who are not a variety of disconnected peoples… a new kind of peoples with connections through the imprints of signatures…Heart to Heart.  

This would be a good place to start to invent our Selves individually and together as the New Real Humans. The “could be” the time to honor and recognize the unique differences in each other yet honoring the uniqueness of one another. 

This is: Allness, Heartness, and Connectedness

“What I say makes my day…and What I say can make or break someone else’s day!”

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