What does it mean to be perfect? What is the perfect body? What is the perfect day? What is the perfect era? What is the perfect time? What is perfect? Hmmm! So many questions that surround perfect and perfection!


What is the perfect look? What is the perfect.. perfect? Let’s consider the origin of perfect! According to the definition here, it is https://www.etymonline.com/word/perfect

Etymology, origin, and meaning of perfect by etymonline.

PERFECT: Mar 30, 2020, · perfect (adj.) early 15c. classical correction of Middle English parfit “flawless, ideal” (c. 1300), also “complete, full, finished, lacking in no way” (late 14c.), from Old French parfit!

OMG! What is flawless? Is flawless a marketing idea of perfecting the imperfection of a face, a body, a figure, a human, an idea, a thought, a pattern, a place, a space, or an environment?  All these ideas of perfecting anything not deemed perfect!!!  Now the big question is Who and What is Perfect?

Not Judging: Throughout the ages and stages…Who “In” Vented the Perfect Look… Look at Cleopatra, Look at the “Royal” Men in the Middle Ages, love love their frills, wigs, and silk clothes… Look at the 50’s conservative To the Max! Look at the 70’s the Undress of the dress “uni” form of Woodstock the “uni’form to all look alike.  Getting the Picture of “his” story or “her” story.

Everyone in whatever era has to fit in, to “look” the part of the perfection of the marketing! Perfect in every imperfect. Look through your own “his” or “he” story and what made you perfect to fit in and yet be “im” perfect through the judgment of the “them”, whomever they represent for you to be perfect!


Perfect in the Belief Systems of Duality are designated according to “an” or “the” idea of perfection in any given time, place, and space of a “con”cept or “I” mage, or “brain” child of a “leader” or “leaders” who determines for the followers what is Perfect for them! These “leaders” are not interested in what their followers have as ideas or thoughts on what is perfect for them! They are the “con” trollers through their Marketing 101, 201, 301 and continuing, always shifting/changing descriptions of what is Perfect for the followers, which includes YOU!

From the NEO Non-Emotional Observe stance who and what is perfect? The fact is you are perfect and have always been perfect! Your body holds all your perfect experiences! Even when you judge your “Self” or your experiences, the question to ask your “Self”, Non-Emotionally is, why did you create these experiences in your Life? Again, without any judgment or lamenting or grieving what you thought you were NOT, begin to connect to these events, situations, and/or occurrences in your life!

The more open questions to ask your “Self” is not only the “Why” or “Whys” of the experience or experiences, but to question your Self as the Non-Emotional Observer, this first life-altering question… “Did I have the experience, knowledge, or know-how at any age or stage of my life, especially as a baby or child or even at any age or stage of me to be able to “discern” in this experience, situation, and/or event what was “perfect” for me?”  

NO! Not in Duality!!!

More times than not, though deeply inside of you intrinsically and intuitively knew your own perfect/truth, yet through the circumstances you had to go along with what is deemed “making you perfect” through someone else’s Duality Belief Systems. Whoever is at that time or times is the “authority figure” over you!

This is not to discount clear, conscious, and clear thought guidance from those around you, who loved you and accepted you unconditionally. The issue is “trying and trying and trying” to fit into a Profile, Behavior, and Role that is “programmed” into you from the outside in. Yet in reflection, Non-Emotionally, more times than not, you knew inside you the Perfection of your own Perfect Truth!


The fight, the war, the discord, and the off-balance are the attempts to be “Perfect” according to the Bi-Laws of the times. These Bi-Laws are unnatural laws that are invented to re-create you against your “Self”. This statement is not about wronging you, your education, your experiences, your events… all the occurrences in your life that you created to experience your Life!


When your own experiences WITH Your Self, about your Self, which is sometimes deemed Selfish… is, in fact, not selfish at all. You become “Centered In Self!” You came here to this Earth, the places you lived, and the relationships you developed, both personally and professionally, are for you again and again to experience the experiences you created to experiences.

However, in the however’s, when you are told, it is implied or stated, that you are not Perfect in who you are, those Self-Doubts, Self-Judgments, Self-Denials, all those descriptions that keep you from being YOU come into play. And the play is not fun or funny!  Your Life is not a Play, trauma/drama, or Pretend Reality TV Show. Your Life is you. Your Life is the perfection of you and how, why, and what you create for your “Self.”  Your journey of not just Self-Discover… Your Journey of YOU!

Ask your”Self” this question? If you and everyone are created in the “I” mage, in the “I”/Eye of God, and we all come in so many flavors, colors, genders, sizes, shapes, cultures, backgrounds, interests, and more… and God is Perfect!!! Then how come you and everyone are not Perfect? 

As you and everyone grows up, the sometimes-insidious limiting Belief Systems, whatever they may be, without making them right or wrong, in Duality it is very challenging to be “Perfect”!  Yet You Are Perfect! Please consider stopping the “Imperfection” talk to your “Self”, and of your “Self”, that you are imperfect! Instead support and assist your “Self” with this Newness Wordlogy is Your Biology language!


“The perfection of you is the perfection of your continuing continuum of your Cellular Memories inside you forever!”
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