Let’s take a look from a different perspective and see what is working and what is not working in your business.  Sometimes we hang on to customers or clients because of our fear of losing business.  However the “sometimes” of hanging on, may not serve the best interest of your business, especially if you are in a transitional period.  And the truth is most business is in a huge transition now.

The US Postal service announced it was closing offices throughout the country because they are not operating either effectively or efficiently.  Simply the cost of doing postal business is not the same as it was in the past.  The Postal Service is in transition.  The entire way of being in business is in transition across the globe.  So what is the post office suppose to do. They are now focusing on the internet to expand their business, to sell their products and services.

Why?  Because the majority of people, both personally and professionally are emailing!  They are losing revenue on their products…the numbers on snail mail is changing.  It doesn’t mean the post office is not going out of business, they are going out for new business, more cost effective and more efficient.

Each Post Office is a small business in itself, but it is a part of the whole of the big business of mail delivery and the national and global economy.  Everyone’s business, whether labeled small, medium or large in measurement, is part of the whole package of the economy of business. Your business and its segment is as vital to the bigger picture and the whole of business as anyone’s regardless of the size.  You are not a niche you are the niche in your industry.

Whether anyone likes the changes or not, we simply have to accept this change as a fact and not reinvent, but invent new ways of doing business. The difference this time is that this tremendous economical shift is showing how everyone, in reality, is connected to the bigger picture of the whole from their part of the local, national and global package.

Where are the changes?  Significant changes are using Social Networks: Linked-In, Facebook, Twitter, etc.  In the beginning it was thought more to be about the young kids, teenagers, think again! To gain insight; on Thursday August 6, 2009, both Facebook and Twitter “went down”.  Collectively over 240 million Facebook and Twitter people panicked!

After the issue was corrected, a gigantic sighs of relief.  These so-called Social Networks are going adult mainstream as other tools for business.  Not using them as direct sales but as a tool to share tips and information about your industry, to engage them and to get connected with individuals beyond your previous scope of clients.

Let’s see these new realities and the facts of this social and economic change as more than one way, but multiply ways to achieve your business and even personal objectives and goals.  See this change as opportunities to market your wares, to find other avenues to do business with each other, and to let go of any resistance.  When we resist, we are wasting our time non-productively. The old saying goes, when the world gives you lemons, make lemonade.  Lemonade quenches your thirst once.  Take the seeds out of the lemons and grow a new orchard, you drink forever.