Three words seemly different meanings.  Really?  Are the meanings different or NOT!!! Let’s consider how they are connected and how they are disconnected. The amazing paradigms of language, whatever the language is at the time. Especially English for me, this is my first but not my only past or future language…just my language at the moment!  Hmmm, what other languages did I learn or speak?  A good question to ask your Self!  

Is language really the way we communicate! NO! NO! NO!. We actually communicate 99.9% through the extension of our energy fields, called the aura, the electromagnetic, bio-energy projections. What is projected is what is stated!   

Verbal words are only expressions, of what we are “trying” to communicate with each other. Many times what we say is not what we mean.  My Sherryism.. “Is what we say meaning full or full of mean?” Hmmm!  Many times what we say to first our Selves and then to each other can be FULL OF HIDDEN MEANINGS/AGENDAS! WOWZER!

“From the Inside Out Brings the Outside In!” Wei Chen, Ancient Poet

Of course what we have been taught to say… “Say the ‘right’ thing!” is not always the “correct” message that is being spoken.  Many times the outside “spoken message” is not what is really being said at all. This is where the word “interpretation” comes into play.  Remember you may have said this or someone said it to you…not verbally.  “Hmmm I wonder what this means? Am I getting the message correct? Is the message confusing?  “What did he, she or they say?” or just “What?” 

Language can be very confusing. Or language can be very specific and direct. Interpretation is significantly confusing. Why?  When individuals or groups are not on the same Resonance, interpretation, instead of facts, gets misconstrued. The message is misunderstood and many times lost.

WHY? The reason, though unreasonable at times, is because language is taken out of context so many times. Interpretation becomes more times than not…the NORM! What is the norm? The norm is spoken so many times through the fears of the person doing the speaking.  Many times the receiver, the one being the recipient of the conversation also has fears. Perhaps on both sides of the conversations, there is confusion. The reason for the confusion…


Now expand upon the conversation beyond person to person, but a person to a group or a group lead to the followers. Could the conversations be manipulative?  Hmmm, More times than is acknowledged.  Manipulation! What a basis for a conversation.

Without judging how you communicate the first person you must communicate is with YOU. Are you manipulating Your Own Self but interpretations of the language you learned from someone or someones? Especially the possible interpretations of who you “think” or have been taught you are. Perhaps there is not a consciousness match within you. 

Remember you have to say and do the “right” thing instead of what is consciously correct for you! This is gigantic and can be an alarming difference. WHO YOU ARE and WHO YOU HAVE BEEN THROUGH LANGUAGE TAUGHT OR CONDITIONED WHO YOU ARE!  WOWZER!

This brings the point of this article.. Rite, Right, and Write!!!

Have you been conditioned or taught, without judging anyone, that your “rite” of passage, has to be “right” in the script that you “write” according to some Duality Belief System, B.S., according to someone’s else’s idea of you, according to the rules of the group in which you are a member, family or not, according to the “norms” set for you by others… and according, according, accordingly!

With any blame or judgment with whom you are participating, personally or professionally, actively or passively, make sure that your Rite of Passage is Yours, What is Right, “con”trolling”, for YOU becomes what is Correct, power full for YOU, What is Write is how you Write your Script, your life, your experiences that are supportive, creative and worthy of your life!

So… remember language is an interpretation, a way to communicate, a way to express your Self, a way to:




“The “Perfect Way” is THE WAY I create consciously for ME!”

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