Very interesting topic for sure! These two words connected imitations and limitations go hand and hand. Another good word that is in complete Duality Alignment is the word Pretend.  How many times have you, no judgment, “Pretend” to do something, be in a situation, say something, just simply participate in something in which you had no connection, no spark of life, zero, zippo “feeling” about this particular situation and yet?  

The Yet is you got sucked into, trapped into, talked into, brought into, coerced into something, dumped into something, a situation, and/or an experience that simply did not “resonate” to you. Here’s the Yet again.. and again and perhaps again, you got trapped into something you did not like to do?  No judgment!  How many times?  Let you count thy ways in the Imitations and Limitations of Life Trap!!!

Let’s just consider what you, me, or whomever “learns” in childhood. You know those times, no judgment, when the “hoods” of adulterations/adults (again no judgment, remember the “they” did the best they could with what they knew and didn’t know and it is mostly what they don’t know… who knew) impressed upon you what you “had” to do. Did many of those “you have to, you had to, do or say something that made absolutely no sense at the time or any time, “yet” you had to say the “right” thing so you would be “wrong”.  AND YET!!!

The right thing to say was the wrong thing for you to say. Perhaps guilt, or frustration, or what?… came up in that scenario and continue to repeat it self over and over again?  You had to express your Self in a way or ways that are not viable to your own Truth!

Everyone who knows me knows my “chocolate” experiences.  Chocolate makes me sick. Didn’t matter how many times I had to eat chocolate and get sick! The unreasonableness of it… is my mother telling me to eat the chocolate dessert that someone prepared for me. This is the “right” Duality B.S. program.  Make the chocolate-pushing person more “right” than me.  According to my mother, as it seemed to me, getting sick is okay also. As long as I ate the chocolate dessert!  OMG

Are you starting to see within your own life, that now as a child you had to be “right” to fit into an adulteration adult situation? Again and again and again this statement… is NO JUDGMENT. Yet what did we learn from these experiences? Probably nothing.

Back to my chocolate story, so to “survive” I had to invent a “story” around how chocolate makes me sick and remember some of my descriptions to “share” with others, how chocolate makes me sick! Who cares? No one really. Yet we get caught up in each other’s trauma drama stories wasting perfectly fabulous times and timelines with the incessant “stories” of what makes us sick including the “graphically designed” tell-alls so the other people can experience our discomfort. What B.S.

Yet this is the Dualistic Way. What we forget is how many times have we said the trauma drama descriptions. Many others including our Selves and you, unfortunately, remember the descriptions of the trauma dramas. Then repeat the language of the trauma dramas and stay stuck in the past, which is so over. No doubt my family or friends can remember my huge chocolate trauma drama stories and the descriptions surrounding this “allergy”. OMG What a waste of times, yes, times, language, and conversations!!!

Have no doubt you are getting repeated emotional repeatable conversations. Now for me personally and professionally, I don’t ever, NOT EVER, have to talk about my chocolate allergy. The best part, instead of the traumatic language and re-tripping on the same stories, I don’t have to eat the chocolate. No one ever says….too bad you are not eating the chocolate. The ones who love chocolate and it resonates with chocolate, can eat ALL of it and enjoy them Selves. The best part for me is not to “tell” more Duality stories to bore my Self and others. They can enjoy eating the Chocolate, and for me seeing the enjoyment of them eating the chocolate is fabulous. This is so Non-Duality!

This is the practicality of Non-Duality. Staying out of the trauma dramas, never having to repeat the language of trauma dramas, and not having to waste time or your experience in participating with your Self, others… and the best part is “with your Self to be free of the trauma dramas stories!” Whatever the Duality experience, whenever it happened to you, you do not have to stay stuck energetically in the pattern of the trauma drama or the language of it. To re-traumatize you Self or to drag others in this language of victimhood does not have to occur at all. You can clear your Self of the past, of the victim language of the past, and the experiences of the past that are so over! Remember is it worth you and your Life to retraumatize your Self and others? NO WAY!

NO! Retraumatizing is not worth one molecule, one particle, or one cell of you and your life to the subatomic places of your Self to be limited again or get caught up in imitations of a trauma drama and repeat these experiences with someone else. It is not worth it for anyone. Keep others, who don’t know the emotional stories of the past experiences, out of your repeatable dramas. See how this works? IT WORKS FOR EVERYONE! BEING IN THE MOMENT IS SO CONNECTING AND SO POWER FULL!

Different people, different timelines, yet when you get stuck in your left computer brain, everyone now involved does not require, desire, or deserve to be sucked into a past experience that has absolutely nothing to do with your past experiences or the language of it. Stay out of the story. Give your Self and these new individuals the opportunity to NOT be sucked into your past that does not serve them and especially YOU. When someone else gets stuck in… OMG Duality experiences, then is shared and then the individuals involved will be sucked into a vortex of a past, including you or whoever is dragged into a situation! Or maybe there is a familiar or similar one to theirs from their past…and you get dragged in! Don’t do it! This is how these Duality experiences are shared, in a victim language and drags others into the Duality stories.

Consider these stories over. Complete. This is the time to create NEWNESS! YAY to NEWNESS!




“Imitations are fake and create limitations….unlimited realness is Non-Duality.. you have a choice, up to you!”
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