Emotions are the release of energy or what you are emoting from your “ion” level of consciousness at your cellular level. When you are emotional, you are re-acting or “acting out” again and again from an experience that you had in your past. More likely than not, you are not consciously aware of the “why” you are re-acting to a situation or event.

As a child, you do not always have the experience to experience that you are having in that time frame. As a result, you get “stuck” emotionally through your own judgment of your Self or take on or take in your body the emotions that are being directed at you from an authority figure. The authority may be aware of what they are saying or doing or not.  

As a child, you internalize the experience without having all the facts. Your emotional and physical body is affected and influenced from that moment throughout your life, good, bad, or indifferent. You have internalized an experience. When the experience is experienced only through your emotional body, the results can be dysfunctional behavior, illness, disease, and the emotional trauma of losing your power. In a sense regardless of the time, place, or date, you can become stuck emotionally, physically, spiritually, mentally, and financially in that situation. Emotions are very wanty-needy!

As you process this debilitating experience in your life, at times other experiences can or will come up that magnify, intensify and re-enact the experience over and over again. Though the situation or event does not appear to be the same or even connected, it is.  Your emotional body is what makes your sick, ill, depressed, or whatever the assigned diagnosis is. Emotions are a lower vibration and frequency of consciousness based upon some limited Belief System. The emotional body holds the fear of the future, even if the future is only one minute away.


What is the difference between feelings and emotions? Feeling comes from the heart. Feeling is also your “gut feeling” which your body is communicating to you. Trust your heart. Trust your “gut feeling”.  

Feeling does not have that emotional hook to the past experience or experiences where you felt a loss of your power or the loss of your Self.  Feeling is a higher, more expanded frequency and vibration. Feeling is a deep sense of clear awareness. When you feel a “something” in your heart or solar plexus, you have clarity of your Self.  

Feeling is your Truth. You know, you understand, and you comprehend that you feel more complete within your Self. You feel empowered. You feel alive. Feeling is the sense of clear authority over your Self without the restrictions of Self- limitations, and Self-judgments. You are on track with life. You are fully participatory in what you are creating and experiencing. 

Feeling is the frequency and vibration of creativity and forward movement. Feeling embraces change and changes. Your feeling body is in your entire physical body. Your mental body is in alignment with the clarity of your feeling. You feel successful and successful. Your finances come through feeling. You are on top of the game, your world. Feeling is what propels you to be in your power. 

When you feel you, you are connected. Living in the current or present moment allows you to move forward without emotional attachments to past experiences. There is no requirement to re-live, re-traumatize or re-do the experiences with all the trauma attached to them. You are free to enjoy your life. You are free of past emotional attachments to relationships and previous situations.

Feeling allows you to be your Self. You “feel” more confident about your Self and your life.  You engage and are engaging. People around you “feel” you. Your vibration and frequency are more attractive. You attract much more interesting, productive, and positive relationships, experiences, situations, and events into your life.

You came here to Earth for the experiences. Now through your heart and solar plexus begin to “feel” life. Your experiences in life will feel so great! You create them consciously.


Emotions and feelings are the same. NO!

You cannot control your emotions. NO!

You can’t feel or you will give your power away! NO!

Emotions have nothing to do with illness, disease, or dysfunction. NO!


Feeling can heal you. YES!

Feeling is connection. YES!

Feeling is the Truth. YES!
Feeling is Trust. YES!

“Perceptions are emotional… Perspectives are the facts!
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