Is a haunting really, truly scary? Or is it haunting based upon the many Duality Belief Systems which are made up to scare you? The media, the movies, TV, and in the past radio really love to perpetuate these experiences to terrify you and everyone. Religions especially, without judging them, remember are based are some very old and ancient ideas that are based upon the “unknown”.  These unknown experiences were not based on facts. These unknown experiences became the basis to scare people.

The most amazing aspects of these so-called not of this earth experiences terrified people. They had to be explained through some Duality Belief Systems basically based upon fear, which is a lack of correct information, fear-based assumptions, and total speculations. Yet they were of this earth, just not in the current timeline!

First of all, as stated by “science” everything is energy. SO! Who said? What does that mean? The fact is energy is a physical by-product of either clear Non-Duality or non-emotional facts. Or energy is based upon the many non-factual, emotional speculations which emit emotional and physical chaos, especially in the idea of fear-based hauntings.

When someone or a group is fear-based individually and collectively, fear is the resonance that is being created and the bi-product is chaotic behavior. This is so evident when I am clearing properties, homes, commercial, buildings, and even cars. The fear-based emissions coming from a person or a group permeate the environment. The energy is very heavy and dense. The idea of “darkness”, is the condensed emissions of energy that get trapped in an environment, a home, a building, even a place, or even in a person!!!

Compound this dense emission of energy with compounded fear, lack of correct information, the physicality of an area, or a place, which then attracts the lower resonances which then embody the frequency and vibrations of a person or a place, infused with fear, again with lack of correct information, the rule of like attracts like comes into place. Icky, sticky, heavy, and hauntingly yucky.  

A person or a group of people, holding onto their Duality Belief Systems of Fear now makeup stories, not judging them, they perpetuate the resonance of fear. Then everyone expands upon the stories, a place is labeled scary or terrifying.  In any timeline, the current “news media”, in whatever form, even the headless horseman story without a word, he rides through the night, expanding the fears.  Now everyone is wondrously terrified. My question is… Why is it so much scarier at night?” Turn on the lights!  


Now back to the idea of hauntings. You will hear me state or write a million times fear is a lack of correct information. This planet, this universe, you, and everyone are really multi-dimensional. Yet the Duality Fears are only Third Dimensional. This Third Dimension is really a very narrow-banded, limited, actually cramped place because of the resonance of fear. Fear is a limitation. The more fear you have, or a group has, the more limitations are created. With more limitations, more restrictions occur. These restrictions stop you and everyone from exploring outside the realm of this narrow-banded Third-Dimensional World.

This narrow band of Duality consciousness is so restrictive. In this restrictive energy “field”, is confining, narrowly banded, and prevents you and anyone from expanding their own energy fields from the inside to yours or their outside world. This is the Duality prevention program that prevents self-exploration, learning, and discovery. Getting out of these narrow-banded boxes of fear opens you to a world of unlimitedness.  You are open to a multi-dimensional world with facts. Your Newness World does not have the room, the energy field, or the resonance based upon the Duality Fear Programs. Eliminate fear and you and everyone can eliminate limitations.

So what are hauntings? Yes, there are some irritated individuals who have left this Duality planet. Yet they are still hanging on to a place or to someone(s) and won’t let go.  Now just consider for a moment, when you or someone you know, won’t let go of a relationship, a past experience, personally and/or professionally, and are literally living in the “past”. Doesn’t matter what the clock or calendar says!

Well, the same thing happens to this disenfranchised person. Their bodyless soul is in denial and is hanging on. When their time of embodiment is complete here.  Yet emotionally, which is physically they still hang on. Get the picture? 

Have you ever hung on, or someone you know hangs onto a past relationship, experience, or time frame and won’t let go? Hmmm Well, what is happening, physically, even without the body, and emotionally, the person or even a group of individuals are stuck and literally “hanging on” to a time line that is no longer theirs to hang onto! An example of a battlefield is where a battle can still rage on, though the time frame is many many years over.  

In my travels, in Southern Ohio, an experience for me, hearing and witnessing late at night a battle that had taken place during the Civil War.  Yet some of the individuals, called soldiers were still waging a well-known battle in that time line. Yet, I heard about and saw it happening in my lifetime just a few years ago. 

Very interesting for sure!  Was I afraid or scared? NO. What was also told to me the next day when this experience was shared, my students revealed to me that this particular area had a lot of gangs who fought with each other. This is the perfect example of leaving the residue of the war resonance of killing. Not judging the “cause” of the war. Yet the cause of the “haunting” is the resonance of war.

Please get the picture. This planet is multi-dimensional just like you. So, when times lines that are physical and especially when emotionally based, like war, personal, or with a group or groups, this heavy or “dark” fear-based resonance is still “alive”, though not in the current time line. So interesting for sure.

The haunting is an imprinting of energy. A haunting is a residual. Therefore, the more you buy into fear-based Duality Programming; religions, metaphysical, culture, history, or whatever source or sources of the fears, you become and stay limited. This world is not one-dimensional or third-dimensional. This world is multi-dimensional just like you.  

To become multi-dimensional and unlimited do not be haunted by the Duality Belief Systems of restrictions. Let go of the fears. Always and forever comprehend that fears are lack of correct information. The more you are willing to accept your unlimitedness, the more you can not be haunted by anything, anyone, and especially the past.

As this New Year of 2023 is almost upon us, let go of being haunted by anyone or anything. This is one of the joys of my life is clearing properties. This is NOT a commercial. For many many years, I had the privilege of clearing properties in person and by bi-locating to properties, homes, and buildings around the world.  

Yes, I have met disenfranchised people, you can call them souls or spirits, yet every one of them was and is willing to move on to their new “digs”. They can’t be digging around here and digging up people’s fears.  

The truth is there is really no unknowns. There is only an unwillingness to know. Get the facts. Through many of my experiences chatting with these individuals, many who left with unfinished or unresolved issues were finally able through our conversations to complete and move on.

One of the things so evident to me… “Is where you leave is where you pick up!”  So when you are completing this time line, this life time, please make sure you are clear and definite that this is the time to leave that you choose consciously to exit. Having assisted many including family members to “exit”, they “left” in a clear conscious way. They won’t be haunting themselves or anyone else.

So the objective of this message to you…




“Live in the moment, each moment is your life!”
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