So many times along our journeys…individually and in a group, reflecting back without re-living a trauma or drama, were there times in your life when you didn’t know something and we judged it as bad or wrong? Consider this question very deeply within your Self.

As a child growing up, all of us including me, experienced experiences when you, or I, or any of us did not have the knowledge or information and were singled out as wrong. What were those times like? Not very supportive. 

How many times did you feel singled out? When you are singled out for now knowing something and have the fingers pointed at you… “How come you didn’t know that? Not knowing is not an excuse!” You could not excuse your Self. Yet you were being labeled, judged, or singled out as an object of doing something so wrong. Yet you are not an object. Yet you are being accused by someone or others that you are supposed to know something! 

Yet that something is not part of your upbringing, the information that you have been given and actually shocked by some belief systems, some dogma, some idea, some doctrine, some code, some philosophy, or some “something” that was never ever part of your learning experience.

Perhaps your family, unknowingly or knowingly kept certain ideas away from you. Perhaps not to “clog up” your brain with information that is really not pertinent to your way of life. Another perhaps, is that you ever heard of a particular idea or label, or description assigned to others, or an individual or a group.

Let’s consider the idea of name-calling. In growing up there are times when you encounter experiences that you are not always prepared to have. Yet these experiences have emotional and sometimes fearful impacts on you, or me, or any of us at one time or another.

As a Wordologist, teaching Wordology is Your Biology, names, descriptions, and labels always interested me. Where did some of these labels originate? There has to be some reason or reasons whether reasonable or not that these labels are assigned to an individual or a group.

These are some labels that really intrigued me growing up. The labeling of individuals or groups with a stigma, was not very nice or productive at all in my opinion. As an example, name-calling just didn’t get it for me, especially as a kid. Calling someone stupid, an idiot, a dummy, a “whatever” is assigned to make a person or a group wrong. These labels instilled fear in the person or persons who are being called these names. These names stick to a person’s soul and make that particular person sad, sick, and fearful. 

Here are some labels that made zero sense to me. They were belittling and condemning. Yet through time some of these derogatory labels become acceptable. Hurtful and harmful yet acceptable? What? This makes no sense.

What is even more non-sense is that some of these labels within a group of individuals that are being labeled as less than and the labels are very defamatory becomes an acceptable name calling within the group as okay. Yet when some others from outside the group call a particular group these labels, all hell breaks loose. What? What the hell is going on? 

Here are some labels that always seemed amazing to me to be calling some of these names!

         Micks                                   Irish

               Spics                                    Spanish

               Polacks                               Polish and 

               Gerrys                                 Germans

               Chicanos                             Mexicans

               Honkies                               Caucasian

       Rag Heads                          Arabs

               Negro                                  Niggers

And the Lists go on and on and on. Sometimes new names are created. Yet the underlying resonance of these slang words is harmful, and hurtful, and creates fear among people. Could it be that these labels perpetuate hate and separation? For sure.  Could it be that these labels get so engrained in the “psyche” of people that even within a group, they call each other these labels? Does that make it okay? You must answer this question your Self.  

So what is the point? Now back to the title of this article, are you wrong, bad, or guilty because you don’t know something?  You never heard of these words in your experiences growing up.  A point in fact… of a young person who never heard these labels. These derogatory classifications, yes classifications of separation of people, were not part of this young person’s upbringing or knowledge.

Yet when one of these labels was spouted from one person to another, this young person caught in the crossfire, became singled out as wrong and bad for not knowing something unknown! This young person got caught up in the crossfires between these two so-called competing groups of name callers. What happened?  

This young person was accused, and judged as being stupid! Threatened by both sides of this name-calling coin. Fearful and afraid. Accused and judged and even by a third party of intervention. So judged now by everyone involved. Judged for not having knowledge. Judged by the authority figures who are supposed to be impartial. Oblivion! Is this fair?  NO!  There is no fairness only fear. 

Yet? What about a newness category of individuals and people who are not interested in name-calling and non-productive labeling? A category of conscious beyond Duality individuals who are not interested in the differences. These differences cause “war” between individuals and groups of people who would prefer name calling that really gain knowledge from each other and learn about real life!

 How about this category of exceptional individuals who choose consciously to create a Newness Group of people? Real Conscious Individuals who are interested in learning about each other and expanding their knowledge and abilities to create something new! These Newness Individuals who are interested in gaining knowledge about each other’s uniqueness, accepting the amazing differences, and embracing the connections and connectedness with each other… individually and in groups! 

Let’s intend this new category of humans to be Involved Conscious Individuals who are more interested in having amazing experiences with each other, learning from the unique differences, and are willing to gain knowledge that can make life here on this planet, a Planet of Involved Conscious Humans! No more labels or labeling!



                              EVERYONE’S UNIQUENESS JOINED TOGETHER IN …             ALLNESS!

“Comprehension is the Key to understanding all of the Truth without judging”
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