There are huge differences between listening and hearing. The differences are so huge they can make or break a relationship whether personal, professional, or even with a stranger. The impact of listening is the connections that are being felt! The impact of hearing is the disconnections that are extremely emotionally communicated! 


In the idea of hearing…what happens in the expression… “fall” on deaf ears” and yet the person is not deaf! The drama of not listening impacts everyone in every way! When one does not listen, what is happening is the person is already answering from a perception, no facts, from an experience or situation from the past, stuck in a time frame or timeline that is filled with judgment or a conclusion without any facts or details in the current moment. Not listening is based upon conjecture. 

Conjecture is speculation and assumption! Again, no facts! When the person, who is speaking and is also not listening, there is really no conversation. There is an exchange of words, language or semantics, yet there is no connection. The disconnect is not listening. The disconnected connection is “hearing” from both people involved in a conversation, not of the moment, but “crazy glued” to some other similar conversation in the past.

More times than not, the perception, which is the reception of the deception of one’s conception, is not based upon the current conversation, but based somewhere in the past dramatically stuck in the left computer brain that is trying to “anal”yze what is being said. There is absolutely no connection.

What the disconnected connection is…is the words coming out of each person in the dialogue attached emotionally to a profile of someone else in their pasts. The problem expands the energy field between the two individuals in the dialogue…and emotional conflicts arise from within each of the individual’s bodies and the war of words begins!

This is what happens in the scenarios of not “listening”. The non-listening event is “hearing” words from the past that are usually based on internalized personal judgments. The person is being attached to the emotional idea of being “told” what to do, what to say, what to be… all the What’s of the labels that come from “con”versations based upon past experiences.  All these experiences derived from the “facts” that no one was listening to each other.

The No Listening Conversations, embedded in the left computer brain, create a chain reaction and the physical emotional war between two individuals erupts. As a matter of fact, these emotional chain reactions can engage others, especially in families, and the war begins. The war can last a life time and can even go behind death! To be “right” to the end!

The unreasonable reason is the factor of Not Listening, but “hearing” what someone or someone’s wanties and needies to “hear” to be right. The challenge in these non-listening conversations that could go on and on and drag others into the equation, there are no connections! The disconnected connections is to be “right”. Yet which side is right and which side is wrong?

In the paradigm shift of Non-Duality Consciousness and connection, the vital key is LISTENING! Listening occurs through the real brain, your human heart. Your human heart feels the connections between two people! The human heart feels the words. Real communication begins to happen. The dynamics of a relationship, whether person or professional or even with a stranger, changes with the openness of “Listening”.

In Listening, the individuals involved in a connected conversation can interact, relate, and co-operate with each other. Knowledge is gained. Insight of each other is expanded. There is no necessity to judge each other or others! Listening is growing. Listening is connection!

Listening is engaged in the moment. Listening establishes a new foundation of honesty, sincerity, and integrity. Listening is an expansion for all involved. The best aspects of listening are not based on past traumas, dramas, or self-judgments. There is no requirement to not be validated. Listening validates you automatically. You don’t have to explain your Self from the past!

Listening to each other begins with listening to your own self first!  In this resonance of Self-Listening, an expanded frequency and vibration of resonance is expressed by your body. This resonance of listening brings self-confidence naturally from the inside of you to your outside world.

The objective or message of this article is to listen to your Self first! When you listen to YOU, you will find it so much easier to listen to others and for them to listen to you.  Listening is the best reason for connecting heart to heart! Trust your Heart!  Listen to your Heart! To Listen is your best connection to your Self and to others and to life! 


“Listen and you will always “hear” the Truth!”
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