As I have stated many times over the years, especially since my wondrously catastrophic, self-created Near Death Experience, three out of five, three turned out to be the charm. The fourth and fifth turned out to be the frosting on the cake!  Now life is, so to speak, my Sherry Anshara Cake Walk.  I can’t help it I have a weird sense of humor… to thine self be the Truth.  Humor is my best asset, my best attribute, my best Self-Healing tool and I make my Self laugh. How fun is this!

Now to the issues in this article to be discussed! The Blast(s) From the Past(s)!  So many times, when you, me, or we dwell on those blasts in our pasts which lambasted us into a different place or changed the direction that we had planned individually, together, or collectively, the big question is WHAT HAPPENED?  This is and was not planned…or so anyone thought!

Well, thinking did not have anything to do with these messes. These messes  held messages, clues, points, ideas that in the moment of the Blast, the left computer brain could not compute…”What the hell is going on?”  Your body of intelligence and intellect knew exactly what is going on. However, the body had to deal with the challenges of the BLAST and your Duality programmed left computer brain!

In my case, tremendous emotional and physical issues in my tissues occurred. Very painful, indeed!  The loss was extraordinary! Yet through the pain, deep within this nuclear explosion, this “not my world” blast propelled me into what I have been being and doing for over 30 years, personally and professionally. From loss to gaining my Realness Self!

This article is not about me. This article, message, epistle, point, meaning is to discover for your Self, that your Blast(s) from your past was your body’s attempt to WAKE YOU UP! You see all of us have been programmed, delusioned, educated, converted, instructed, whatever the descriptive is…is that we have to be a certain way to be accepted. You, me and all of have been “programmed” to live a certain way, to follow the group, to be acceptable, to be validated “outside” of you!

Yet deep within you, your comedian, not so funny, said “Stop! You did not come here to planet Earth, to keep repeating that crap of Karma, Lessons, and Re-incarnation, just another do-over project! No Way! So deep within your clear conscious, non-Duality, Conscious said from your cells, particles, molecules to the subatomic level of you said…”Enough is Enough!”  This is your lifetime, your opportunity, your gift to self, your purpose(s), your chance, your opportunity to bust out of your Duality Jailed Cells, and to be free! Free of Duality’s limitations. Unless you like limitations, all up to you!

This is your time to see these Blasts from the Past are significate occurrences to knock you upside the left computer/brain and get your attention. Yes, it does, darn, take linear Duality time frames to see the implications, the meanings, the worth, and value of these Blasts from your Past(s).

This is the TIME to put it all together! Funny to talk about this with you now!  In the 1980’s I had a clothing store called Designs on You. During that time I did fashion shows, always with messages of self-worth. For my clients, I had workshops for women in specific careers who dressed for their professions, or life styles, ahead of my time as usual. Here’s the point of this Blast from my past, I held “Put Your Self Together” Parties.  

Here is the perfect time and timing to use those significant Blasts from the Past(s) to use as information significantly for you NOW! The time is NOW for you to “Put Your Self Together” as the clear conscious person you are….to step into your own POWER!

Recognize YOU NOW HAVE THE ABILITIES, THE KNOWLEDGE, AND THE CELLULAR INTELLIGENCE AND INTELLECT TO BLAST OFF into NEWNESS! Newness is what you require, desire, and deserve to create for your life.  You can utilize your Blasts from your past(s) as remarkable, self-created, even the trauma dramas that forged your path, built your strength, determined your life…and NOW you are the person who is BEING THE SELF FULL FILLED, SELF CREATED, AMAZING REAL HUMAN BEING who YOU ARE and always meant TO BE!


“If your dysfunction past dominates your life… you are still in the past…time for a time change!”

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