If there is one thing about Duality is the multiplicity of belief systems, the b.s. that in every flavor “begets” the b.s. of high and low.  Duality is full of high and low measurements… above so below, higher self…lower self, my god is better than your god, my way is better than your way, winner..loser, leader…follower, my way or the highway (low way)….  And the lists goes on and on throughout the centuries of this high stuff and low stuff.  

Why is it there is an emissary between YOU and a God/GOD, Higher Entity/lower YOU, Higher Leader/lower you….and the lists go on and on.  The only thing that really changes is who is the higher and who is the lower?  The really are no changes.  On the identifiers, the labels, the hierarchy appears to change.  The venue may change but the hierarchy of high and low never changes in Duality.

Duality is a system that is set up and is “the” set up to keep you, individually and as a part of a or “the particular” collective at any given time in the timelines of this planet and Universe, regardless of race or assigned label of identifier, race, family, group, you get the idea…separated from your Self as a human person and separated from each other.  This is just how Duality works. This is how Duality works you over and over again in this Earth/Universe time continuum. 

It doesn’t really matter where, when and how you participate in any given timeline as long as you are programmable to fit in, “be”long, be a member and succumb to whatever version of Duality’s belief systems work you over and over again.  This is how Duality works. Imagine this.  Well it is time to more than be in this imaginary world that is not REAL.  Realities for sure!  Realities through “his”tories/”her”stories over and over again!   

You “know”, right side of the tracks/wrong side of the tracks, part of the have its/part of the lost it, member of the rulers/member of the followers, part of the establishment/part of the unestablishment…. Getting the point?  Duality is not only the do over programmed in your left computer brain, it is the “denier” of your life through all your ages and states in whatever time line.  Duality is the foundation of supporting you and disabling you to form in your left computer/brain/rightmale manifesting side of your human body to continually maintain you in an unconscious state of self-denial, self lack and self debilitating programming, rejecting your own natural innate abilities, as intuition, creativity, creations and being truthful with your Self. 


Though it may not appear that Duality formulates you to be against your Self, this insidiousness occurs in the matrix of your left computer brain to program you to successfully be unsuccessful through the ups and downs, highs and lows of the Duality recycle bin.  This is how the “con” trollers have perpetuated Duality through every visible and invisible means of “education” to keep you and everyone left computer brained.  “Con”trol the left computer brain, disconnecting you and everyone from their heart, their real brain and their own intelligence and intellect in their bodies, their cellular intelligence, and intellect, their cellular memory/history of themselves, it is easy to “con”trol when a person, you, me, everyone is programmed through the unending number of Duality programs… religions, language, background, timeline societies, etc, to keep the individuals and the masses in line.


The best line is your line of Non-Duality Consciousness within you.  What line are you in? You are in line to be the head of own Self.  You are in line to follow your heart’s inner guidance.  You are in line to be Believe in Your Self.  You are the line within you to Your Self.  The only line to follow is to align with your Self.

As you align and balance your Self within your own intelligence and intellect with you, you do not require to have a higher self and lower life to divide you from the inside out.  You are Your Self.  You are also your multli-dimensional selves within you.  You are the multiplicity of your natural creative abilities to create, continue to create, and be the creator of all the aspects of your life.  You are the dynamic and dynamics of all you create each and every moment.  It is impossible not to create.  You are creating all the time.  

In Duality you are not aware of how your creativity is influenced by the limitations of these insidious belief systems.  Duality is the Set-Up to be limited.  You can have it, lose, it, have it, lose it! Duality is the most incredible permanently temporary matrix.  The resonance of the Duality Matrix is not flexible. 

The resonance of the Duality Matrix is constriction to the max.  

This is the perfect time and timing to junk high and low. This is the perfect time to be your Self.  This is the time to explore all your abilities and capabilities to create your life consciously!   This is your Time!  Make this lifetime, your most valuable life.  Be your value to Your Self.  



“Balance is not high and low… balance is inner connectedness…connected to Real Self!”

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