There is so much discussion and speculation about the Law of Attraction that the concept can sometimes get confusing if you are not sure what you are asking the Universe to do for you.  Remember a contract is a two way agreement.  First you must be absolutely clear what you are expecting the Universe to provide for you.  And most importantly do you understand your part of the bargain?  Don’t forget you are part of the deal.

What happens when you “think” that the Universe is not fulfilling its end of the bargain?  Do you really think the Universe would not give what you are asking?  Could it be you didn’t understand or forgot your part of the transaction? You must be clear that the contract is in concordance with what you asked.  

imagesRealize with “real eyes” that you have to step up the plate and do your part of the transaction.  And it is definitely a transaction, an exchange of energy.  You can do all the intending, all the wishing and wanting, and all the hoping and praying and think you have lived up to your part of the contract.

This is a Third Dimensional/Duality driven organization here.  You are the head honcho and Chief Executive Office of your organization.  The Universe is your working partner.

The clue here is working, which means you have to do the “work” here. You are the one who must keep focused and on track with a clear business plan to accomplish your job, institute your promotions and keep the revenue flowing to support your plan.  The Universe is your Operations Director, awaiting your clear directions. Your Director puts the puzzle pieces together for you. You have to show up for work.

Wishing and wanting, hoping and needing are not clear directives.  Sitting back and waiting for the Universe to move you forward is not an effective method for activating the power of your Operations Director. If your conscious and the use of your energy are focused and clear, the contract is effective.  If you are confused and “wanty-needy”, this low based frequency and vibration of consciousness will make the significant difference in what you manifest through your partnership with the Universe.

This Third Dimensional world requires co-participation.  selfhug_500_thumbThis is a two way contract requiring your action to implement your plan.  You can hope, wish and want all day long, waiting for something more to happen or change. In this venue, your must remember the Universe has incredible patience and can out last you in the waiting process.  Don’t forget the re-incarnation clause in your contract!

This is the lifetime to get your business plan in order and forget the busy-ness plan that takes you of course from achieving your dreams, goals and objectives. Stay out of the trauma dramas. Don’t waste your valuable time.  In a continuous continuing continuum, you incarnated here to consciously create an effective, prosperous life, whatever that means to you.  You are the Earth plane physical manifesting half of the contract.  Forget the past, it is only a reference point for what you have learned from the contracts process.  Where your life didn’t work, you learned, now move on. Where it worked, expand upon it.  Stop waiting, get moving, and take the action. give_yourself_a_hug-277x300 Be the take charge Chief Executive Officer, provide clear directives, the Universe is ready for you.