When you ask someone what the word healing means, a plethora of explanations are given, sometimes with so much intensity, the idea of healing can be scary.  Some of the concepts of healing are:  You have to take this product, you have to do it this way, you can only do it this way, you have to take this approach, this way is the only way and many, many more!  The descriptive of healing is: cure, restore to health, make well, nurse back to health, repair, mend, rebuild and the explanations go on and on…as many as the ways to do your healing. 

Let’s look at an optional possibility that may be the best practical approach to healing in a grounded, systematic way.  How about initiating your personal healing process at the core of the issue of the condition, where the healing requires to start.   The taught process of healing is to begin to look outside for the answers.  The outside is for the research, the exploration and the examination of the data to find out the results of what is going on in your body, physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually.

An initial avenue to begin is to ask the questions so your body will provide the answers.

Asking your Self… “What is wrong with me?” is not going to provide you with any answers.  Why?  Because your body does not process that something is “wrong” with you.  The body understands that something is not working properly or some place in the body is “out of balance” with the complete body.  From a rational perspective the body does not get initially sick all over, it begins usually on one area of the body, unless that one area is ignored for a long time.  When the body expresses itself with pain or discomfort, there is a reason…something is out of balance…physically, emotionally, mentally, spiritually and yes, you can include financially.  These are all aspects of your consciousness whether you are aware or not!

When you feel off or out of balance in any area of your body, ask your body, what is going on before you take a pain medication or something that will suppress the natural conversation your body has to get your attention?  Diagnosis usually occurs long after the first symptoms occur.  So many times the idea of healing or curing is based on the symptoms not the cause.  The symptoms are not the problem, though they become the obvious. The core problem is the emotional, mental, physical, spiritual and financial challenges which result as the problematic concern.

By addressing the heart of the matter, then looking to the outside for guidance, avenues, products and ways to heal now benefit you and your body on different but connected levels of your consciousness.  You are not giving away your power to the perfect elixir, the only way to heal, the “this way or the highway” approach to healing your Self. To thine own self be true.  In order to be true or truthful to your Self, you must identify the imbalance in your body first and foremost. 

Then all of the outside methods, whether treatments, products or even braying at the moon, will benefit you!  Because you will be the one directing your healing process in a progressive way and not running from place to place, person to person, product to product to get a “healing”.  You must be in charge of your process.  You must be connected to the core of the problem.  Without an emotional, physical, spiritual, mental and financial resolution within your Self, then it is so much more difficult to get to the solution.  Without resolution, the solution is more difficult to achieve. 

Allow your body to provide the answers.  The question is in the answer.  It is how you ask the questions to your body, that your body can provide you with the answers.  Again, asking what is wrong with you just doesn’t get it.  Your body knows how to heal itself with the correct care, an open consciousness and a willingness to look inside.  Then you are open to utilize many options, not just the one and only way, to heal your Self. 

You are multi-dimensional, your body embodies this physicality.  Your body is filled with all kinds of systems, that when working in harmony with each other, your body is well and harmonizing.  When one system is off, the body kicks into gear to let you know “something is off”! So listen to your body, first, then seek the options to support your body to heal, whether food, products, therapies, whatever.  And keep everyone with whom you are working in the loop, so everyone is involved in your healing process.  To healing and wellness for your Self!

Sherry Anshara

Medical Intuitive, Intuitive Business Coach
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