There have been many discussions, books written, and classes and seminars held on healing the Child within.  These avenues of exploration are all perfect, divine ways in which we draw attention to the Child within us, however healing our inner “Child” may only be an illusion because of the Duality’s limitations which can even be programmed into you as a fetus…the baby… the minute the sperm hits the egg!

The concept of little people being “children” is a very recent consciousness in our World history.  Prior to the 19th Century, children were considered small adults, “property”, slave labor, an integral part of a community’s economic profile, etc.  Even today a good majority of the World’s population of children still fall into these categories.  The concept of “teenagers” is a relatively new paradigm which was not realized until the mid-40’s, and by the 1950’s. 

This new generation began to emerge as a powerful and expressive consciousness though there was much confusion about “teenagers” even among themselves individually and collectively. They were often referred to as the Rebels. Actually there was a consciousness rebellion going on from their inside out. They dared to question… OMG!

Therefore, healing the Perfect Child Within, the PCW is a relatively new consciousness or idea for really healing your Self,  Could this mean, you are in an evolutionary moment inside you right here right now. Perhaps this is an inner evolution revolution going on! Don’t get mislead by your Self or others. Something big is going on! An expansion is occurring from your deepest core!  The immergence of your Perfect Child Within????

However, from the perspective of past lives or a time continuum of lifetimes and experiences, perhaps it is not your immerging Perfect Child Within who requires “healing” but the Childish Adult Ego, your Duality survivalist.  Survival is not living it is existing!! Your Perfect Child Within you is immerging so you can LIVE!

Consider that the consciousness of the Perfect Child Within each adult on this planet is pure.  Consider also that everyone’s PCW has agreed to enter this lifetime and all lifetimes with the full knowledge that the contract their Soul wrote was to experience the lessons of Karma through your Childish Adult Ego, your CAE!  Definitely time for a change! If you are willing to allow and support your PCW to immerge, this is your time, this is YOUR lifetime to shift from your inside out!

From the standpoint of your clear and pure Perfect Child Within, he or she awaits for your Childish Adult Ego to grow into full, non-Duality consciousness.   Could this be why we repeat the lessons of Karma that our Childish Adult Egos painfully experiences over and over again?  Could it be that the Perfect Child Within us is eternally waiting for our Childish Adult Ego to let go of all attachments to the Duality illusions of limitations and the do-overs!  Everyone listen to your inner Alarm Clock…it rings.. Wake UP! You are ready to SHIFT!!!

This lifetime is the perfect lifetime, as was any lifetime in the continuum, to let go of the repeated emotional issues in yours and everyone’s left computer/brain…. known as Karma, Lessons and Reincarnation. This is soooooo the correct time to begin to consciously create your life, my life  and all our lives individually and collectively beyond the confines of Duality. To Involved Conscious Evolution Revolution from your subatomic level of your Beingness!

Stop the madness of unconsciously in this Duality group “mentality” of recreating past ridiculous experiences with the same outcomes of these draining lessons.  These Duality illusions of this Third Dimensional earth,  even this Universe permeate all of us with this resonance of restriction and confinement not just now but for centuries and eons. Just consider this, over and over again… “His-tory” “Her-story”!!! No more boring stories.  It is the best time for Non-Duailty Conscious Experiences through your unleased creativity!

Embrace your Perfect Child Within, rock him or her in your arms to your heart. Thank this Childish Adult Ego for his or her courage and bravery to survive these repeated Duality scripts, repeated Duality contracts.  Your Perfect Child Within, Your PCW has waited far too long, perhaps even centuries for you to heal Your Self, by addressing all those emotional and physical issues in your time continuum tissues!!!

Healing these century old emotional issues and remembering with the purity of your Perfect Child Within, your PCW within you is NOW to create consciously what you require, deserve and deserve. To create a healthy life, a wealthy life with connected relationships starting with your own relationship to YOU and extended both personally and professionally!

 Allow your Childish Adult Ego, your CAE to grow beyond the limitations of Duality!!! Embrace with unconditional acceptance of your Self! Be the JOY, who is your Perfect Child Within!

 BE your amazing PCW, Your Perfect Child

Within who is and has always been inside you!


Sherry Anshara

Medical Intuitive, Intuitive Business Coach
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