There have been many discussions, books written, and classes and seminars held on healing the Child within.  These avenues of exploration are all perfect, divine ways in which we draw attention to the Child within us, however healing our inner “Child” may only be an illusion.

The concept of little people being “children” is a very recent consciousness in our World history.  Prior to the 19th Century, children were considered small adults, “property”, slave labor, an integral part of a community’s economic profile, etc.  Even today a good majority of the World’s population of children still fall into these categories.  The concept of “teenagers” is a relatively new paradigm which was not realized until the mid-40’s, and by the 1950’s a while new generation emerged as a powerful and expressive consciousness.

Therefore, healing the Child within is a relatively new consciousness for healing. Meaning it is still evolving and possibly somewhat misleading. Might there be a way to expand upon this version of healing the Child within?  From the perspective of past lives or a time continuum of lifetimes and experiences, maybe it isn’t the Child within that requires healing but the childish adult ego.  Consider that the consciousness of the Child within each adult on this planet is pure and has agreed to enter a lifetime with the full knowledge that the contract their Soul wrote was to experience the lessons of Karma of the childish adult ego.

From the standpoint of the clear and pure Child he or she awaits for the adult childish ego to grow up.  Could this be why we repeat the lessons of Karma that our childish adult egos painfully experiences over and over again?  Could it be that the Child within us is eternally waiting for our childish adult to let go of all attachments to the illusions?

This lifetime is the perfect lifetime, as was any lifetime in the continuum, to let go of emotional issues known as Karma and begin to consciously create our lives instead of unconsciously recreating past lessons through illusion.

Embrace your inner Child, rock it in your arms, bring it to your heart and thank it for its courage and bravery.  This pure Child has waited so long for you to heal yourself.  Healing your emotional issues and remembering with the purity of your Child within is to create consciously what you deserve.  Allow your childish adult ego to grow up and embrace the unconditional love and joy that your pure inner child is and has always been!