There are so many avenues to healing. There are many roads on your journey to healing. But what is healing?  Is it your body’s abilities to know what to do when your body is injured, hurt or distressed? For sure your body has the intelligence and intellect to know what to do.  Look how long bodies last.  Even through the rigors, abuse, and impractical things that you do to your body, your body endures until it gives out and that thing called death takes place.  But then the caveat is, if you believe in re-incarnation, you will either do it again as so many repeated lessons or you will come back and see what you can change.  No matter what you choose along your paths or journeys, the body you have has to put up with you. Sometimes that is not so easy when you are not easy on your Self.

Maybe the better idea of healing is not to have to heal such challenges that you set your Self up to have.  Perhaps the better idea is to Self nurture, self love your Self through your journeys.  Did you ever consider that some of these traumatic experiences were not to make you sick or ill, but to show you that your life is not worth all the these challenging experiences?

In her books Louise Hays talks about the meaning of the illnesses in your body.  Deepak Chopra talks about Self healing also.  However, let’s go deeper.  Why did you create them?  Remember, don’t blame your Self for anything.  Did you unconsciously, this means not consciously, think you had to go through some karmic repercussions to make amends for something you did in another lifetime?  Well forget that!  Karma can make you sick if you employ a belief system like this one.  If you are hanging on to an archaic Belief System, then fire your Self from it and get some new Believing in your Self.  For sure, the Believing in Your Self is the new paradigm, instead of hanging on to a Belief System that are old, moldy, out of date and prevent you from Believing you can actually heal your Self. 

You already know that what goes around comes around.  So!  Stop going around with dysfunctional behavior patterns that are really irrelevant to your life and keep repeating dysfunctional cycles of behavior.  Yuck! The biggest part of healing is getting to the core, why did this happen, so I created it, stop hanging on to the “it” of it, and move on.  The moving on seems to be the hang-up.  Move on!!!  Stop making your Self sick over the past or the issue.  Move on.  Your body knows how to heal itself, if you just get out of your own way.

Let go of recycled Belief Systems that have run their course.  You, your body and your clear consciousness know that being fully in your Power is the way to heal your Self and your life.  Step into our power.  Be grateful for the different methods you have at your fingertips to support you in your healing process. The issues begin with you.  So what?  Most importantly, healing begins with you. This is the most significant What of the equation.  This is the wow factor. You heal your Self by being fully conscious of your Self.  You heal your Self by comprehending the difference between the old limited Karmic Belief Systems and the new paradigm of Believing in Your Self no matter what.

The practical magical application of the Anshara Method of Accelerated Healing and Abundance is the Anshara progressive process guides you to the core, you can see all the factors involved with the problems, you can choose to let the issues go at the deepest levels of your knowledge and move on to wellness.  This is the point of healing.  As Indiana Jones, step off the ledge, it was too narrow anyway.  Step into the broader perspective of your and LIVE!

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