Actually, I did a Facebook live on this topic after my dear Mr. Red, my feral kitty who was around 20 years old when he “transitioned”, lived his life his way.  Partly as the custodian of “our” property,  he lived the last 18 months or so in the studio behind my home.  He seemed to be a permanent figure around here.  

He was so loved by my friends and clients.  He became very loving and so so sweet in his disposition.  As a matter of fact, when he was transitioning, I was kissing him and hugging him as was my friend Jana, and he purred his way out of this life into his next journey.  Miss, he can’t describe how I feel about Mr. Red.

So the reason I am sharing these heart thoughts with you (not thinky thinky) is everyone who has come as a client or friend to me knows for over 30 years I have been teaching, sharing information about Cellular Memory.  Your Cellular Memories or Memories are the composite of all your experiences in your life and even lifetimes in your continuum.  Your Cellular Memory holds the keys to all your experiences.  Without judging as good, bad, or indifferent, your Cellular Memory/Memories hold your entire life/lives within you.

As a tool or method for healing when you connect to a particular area of your heart in which you are experiencing illness, disease, dysfunction, or something that is not working, the Anshara Method of Accelerated Healing and Abundance provides the guidance for you to connect and get your “answers” at the core or the origination point(s) of the issues in your tissues.

Now back to the point of this message/article…The Gain From Loss.  Inside you, in your heart especially all the wonderful and wondrous memories of your experiences with a loved one still live inside of you.  As you remember, this is not reliving, but using your Cellular Memory as a way or ways to connect to these loving connected relationships, you begin to remember the gains of the experiences, the relationships, the connections, the expressions, and the timelines. All of this amazing connectedness through the Allness of everyone including your furbabies, involved through these Heartness relationships live forever within you.  Even when you transition, all these expressions of love are with you timelessly!

Your Clear Cellular Memories minus any and all emotional traumas of these special experiences with special people and your furbabies live within you.  The resonances of these special experiences in your life or lives influence you in the most practical and magical ways.  These relationships and the physical and loving expressions of these heart full connections, these very special relationships, support and assist you to not just remember but to “feel” these extraordinary experiences.  As you allow your Self to “feel” them, the resonance beyond the word of love provides your physical body with the kind essences and “spirits” of those who are no longer here in your current life.  

Though they are not here physically in Earth terms, they are here with you physically in their new forms.  I miss Mr. Red, as I miss my Akido and my Bobbi Girl. Akido was with me for almost 18 years.  Bobbi Girl was here for 13 years.  Bobbi Girl became quite famous with my clients and friends.  She would facilitate for my clients, published in the American Holistic Nurses Association Journal, Beginnings, and published in the Phoenix Business Journal.  She was very social.  Akido was just my kitty, my friend, my mentor.  I even hold in my heart my first kitty, Cuddles when I was a young girl.  

All the memories of my furbabies are held in my heart.  So are my friends and family members who transitioned in their own ways and live physically somewhere else. Yet they all live in my heart.   The unconditional acceptance these amazing furbabies taught me transcends time, space and we are always connected.

So remember from loss, there is the forever gain of these experiences, the expressions of love, the words of unconditional acceptance, these connections will always live in your heart…forever and ever!



“The unconditional acceptance connections of the heart are forever!”

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