Consider the idea you are being hired for a position/job! Consider the idea that “you are together in sickness and in health till death do you part!  Consider your job package…” you are guaranteed this and that? Consider in a marriage your guarantee! Consider that whatever you do in life, you have guarantees!

What about a guarantee that you will be healthy all your life? What about a guarantee that you will do this or do that and that what you do works? Consider all the options in whatever you are doing, and what is the guarantee? So do the guarantees you have in life, where do they come from? Who in your life guarantees your outcomes or results through these guarantees? Or is a guarantee an illusional illusion created by some “outside” version of a guarantor guaranteeing you “something”?

Listen and look at the marketing ads for all sorts of products. These ads guarantee all sorts of results. Perfect health, perfect relationships, perfect ways, perfect perfection. These ideas of guarantees can taint the view of your own life from the outside in. How does that work? Or how do these ideas of guarantees work for you to “think” that there are guarantees in life?  

Without judging the idea of guarantees, how could the “outside” versions of guarantees change or shift your own ideas about how you can guarantee your own experiences or what you create in your life?  

First of all, you must consider the consideration (no double talk here) that you are the one and only person who has the ability to guarantee that what you are doing in your life is from your Self. You may be influenced by others or the belief systems of others through their labeling of you that you agree to take or not. The TRUTH is you are the one who is the guarantor of your life. Not an idea or belief system that life is going to be guaranteed for you by some other person(s) or group.

What you either choose consciously or emotionally decide through your left Duality computer brain is how your own inner guarantor works. You are either worked by the idea of an “outside” guarantee by someone else or some group or you are the inner guarantor who creates, implements manifests, and actualized your own guarantees in YOUR LIFE!  

After so many considerations, make sure you are not “con”sider by your Self, the truth of your own inner empowerment to expect whatever, however and in whatever group, place, or organization in which you are participating, you are the one and only who guarantees how you choose consciously or decide emotionally how you participate.

What does this mean? It means that in life whatever you do, or however you participate you are the ONE who is participating through your own CREATIVITY. This is WHY… knowing exactly how you create your life and all your experiences, situations, events, and participations, that you are confident within your Self. COMPREHENDING the why and how you are participating is your only guarantee in your life whether you are alone in your participation or you are part of a group, company, establishment, or corporation.  

Consider an idea that you have but no one gets it!!! Consider an idea that “sounds” good to you!!! Consider someone else’s idea that sounds good to you. How you participate in any way in any situation is how you “feel” or “emotion” about your Self. That is a guarantee.

You cannot expect another group or another person to make your guarantees for you. It doesn’t happen that way. If you are running a victim program, unconsciously and even consciously, and refuse to “see” your own behavioral patterns, then for sure, your unrealistic expectations will construe your ability to “see” consciously how you are participating in a repeating agenda your past, with the same unrealistic expectations that someone or some group is responsible to guarantee your life, your experiences, and your participation. Your guarantees are up to you.  Your guarantees are what they are predicated on. Your guarantees must come from you.  

In order to create something or anything in life into some new or newness, you must address your own old patterns that perhaps prevented you from being and using your own inner creativity. Especially if you are considering something “out of the box” that may be beneficial to others and most importantly to you.

The “victim” program is a stopper of creativity. To inspire your Self with your own creativity or how you choose consciously to utilize your creativity whether for your Self or to be included with others in a group is clearly predicated on your ability to “see”, “feel” and “experience your own ability to be the guarantor of your own life. How you choose to participate, again whether consciousness or a Duality limited belief system, makes all the difference in your inner and outer world of results.

To expect guarantees based on the Duality limitation programs will never provide guarantees. Guarantees come through clearly conscious, out-of-the-box, creative experiences through and of your own inner creativity that is timeless without the infringements of boxes, times, and unrealistic expectations.

The more creative, ingenious, out-of-the-box individual throughout history is the ones who believed and trusted in them Selves. They were not looking for guarantees. They knew deep within them Selves, they guaranteed that what they were creating, implementing, manifesting, and actualizing is beyond the boxes of Duality’s pretend guarantees.

These individuals through time and timelines are the innovators, the game changes, and the paradigm shifts. The individuals who chose at the time to participate with them excelled also. The ones who were afraid demanded guarantees and did not experience the “revelations” of the brilliance of game-changing innovations and paradigm-shifting.

Without judging them, they had and perhaps even currently, missed their own opportunities to excel in their own lives through their own creativity individually and collectively with others. Guarantees will never come from outside of you!


“The only guarantee in life in YOU!”
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