Cellular Memory is a new concept in the history of medicine, psychology, and psychiatry.  For your body, however, it is not a new concept.  Cellular Memory, in a metaphoric sense and in fact, is the Encyclopedia Britannica of you. Your Cellular Memory is your Google account because it is your own personal account and accounting of all of your experiences through the ages and stages of you, whether this lifetime or others.

Cellular Memory is all the realities you have lived.  CM is your biology, physiology, anatomy, mentality, physicality, and cellular consciousness, whether you are aware of it or not.  Every experience of you is recorded in your personal timelines.  

From the minute the sperm hits the egg, you are in, downloading, uploading, and being embedded with information from your parents, siblings, friends, perceived enemies, and even strangers. Most of the time, you are not even aware that you are recording the information.

On the other side of the effect of Cellular Memory, as these experiences become an aspect of your consciousness, aware of it or not, your behaviors and actions are affected and influenced.  You may “act out” certain behavioral patterns that are not really yours at your deep level of consciousness.  They are learned behaviors, which can affect your life, your friendships, your relationships, and your financial successes as well. 

How you see life can be predicated on the influences of memorized cellular experiences.  These Cellular Memory experiences, when not understood or even comprehended. can make or break how you create your life.  You may be “running” an unconscious limited belief that causes you to sabotage your Self.  You may even ask your Self… “Why am I sabotaging my Self?”  This is not an unusual question for you or anyone to ask.  It happens all the time.

What is really happening is you may be running a Cellular Memory belief system programmed into your cellular experience.  You may “think” it is yours.  However, when you dig deeper into your Cellular Consciousness, you may discover you did not agree with the belief system at all.  You simply went along with the programming because you thought it was yours.  Prejudice, emotional hatred, and unfounded fears are the result of programmed Cellular Memory experiences of which you were not conscious.  Nine times out of ten, many of your limited belief systems are expressed through your behaviors and actions.  The fact of the matter is that these limited belief systems are not yours nor do they resonate with you being healthy and prosperous.

Not only can you be carrying in your cells negative behavior patterns from this lifetime, but you also have embedded experiences from other timelines of you.  If you have bought into the programs of Karma, Lessons, and Re-incarnation, you will be repeating dysfunctional patterns of behaviors.  Whether you were hung, your head chopped off, or choked to death, you may have throat issues in this lifetime.  Here are examples of modern-day physical and emotional problems: throat cancer, chronic sore throats, thyroid problems, TMJ, neck issues, etc.  You can have a variety of illnesses.  What you didn’t resolve at death in another lifetime, you will drag forward because of the programming of Karma, Lessons, and Re-incarnation.

Isn’t it time to stand in your Power, connect to your body, and access your Cellular Memory?  Now with the clear information, you can choose what to keep and what to dump.  It is not a question of whether the glass or your cells are half empty or half full.  The question is:  What is your glass or your cells full of?  If it is limited belief systems that hold you back, make you sick, take away your power, or recycle dysfunctional behavior patterns, then dump this “stuff” out of your Cellular Memory and free your Self.

Now you can choose clearly and consciously what you allow to be embedded in your physical body of consciousness.  You get to choose what comes in and what goes out. You choose your life.  So simple! Choose consciously by believing in your Self.  Choose consciously by living your life in health, harmony, and prosperity.  Make your Cellular Memory experiences of benefit to you. This is your continuum.  As you go forward, make your Cellular Memory experiences the BEST!  After all, you are the one that creates them.

“Your Cellular Memory is your “his”tory and “her”story….Remember YOU!”
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