For sure the amazing part of the holidays is picking out the “perfect” gifts or presents for your family, friends, co-workers, whomever. This can be the fun part of the holidays, or it can be very stressful. Being stress-filled at the holidays is a challenge for sure!

So many questions, is this the right one? Will the person like it? What should I spend? What is my budget? Whew! So many questions. So much stress. So much so much!

Funny throughout my life, this is not about me, but one thing that always has been one of my favorite things is to give the “ungift”. The gift for no specific reason except just to give something to someone that is appreciated for being in my life no matter how short or how long!

Many times, because of my love for candles, this is just an example, there is a store in Scottdale, Missy Mysteries that has the best handmade candles with crystals, dried flowers, scents and sparkles. This is just an example. Love to buy them and give them as “no reason” gifts. To friends, to clients, to someone that inspires me!

For so many years since childhood, when I found something, not about the expense or cost, but as an investment, something would catch my eye, and there it would be in my shopping bag. Just knowing it wasn’t for me, yet there this item is inside my shopping bag.

Following my intuition without a doubt, this “purchase” came home with me. Not always exactly knowing for whom is this gift? Yet, and believe me, sometimes it was years, yes I mean years, when I would meet that someone, a new friend, a new client, a new someone, and that gift purchased whenever it was bought, was “meant for that certain person”! Weird huh?

Yet these purchases and these experiences happened to me so many times in my life. It was not a cost to me but an “investment” for whatever reason or reasons.  Didn’t know at the time yet knew just had to buy this. Through these experiences, the benefit to me through these heart connections turned to be the best gifts and presents for me.

So, as you a buying presents for a particular holiday, season, birthday, or whenever, sometimes the best gift giving is for no reason.  Just to give a gift from your heart. Not necessarily about the “cost” of the gift or present, the investment in which this special gift or present means to the person receiving it.

Your essence, your heart, and your connectedness become a signature of energy held within this “no reason yet a special gift from your heart and the connectedness from you to a special person!”

One of the best perks of these kinds of gifts for a person is you are using your intuition, your inner guidance that knows, given from the essence within you, without getting into a time, timelines, and reasons, this is the perfect timing that your intuition knows.

As an example, years and years and years ago, found a beautiful necklace and bought it. Knew without doubt this necklace is not for me. Never wore it.  Stored it in a jewelry box. Then 8 years later, I met a wonderful new friend. No, this gift was not for her. This necklace turned out to be for her sister. Just knew it!

When I met her sister, the memories of this purchase flushed through my Cellular Memory banks, and found it in this jewelry box after all those years.  So, you “see”, the Universe, the Multi-verse has the ways and the means to make the connection when the timing is perfect for the perfect person!

These things have happened so many times in my life, couldn’t count them. So now being very deliberate with my intuition, as the example, love buying these candles and giving them as the “ungifts” knowing they will “light up someone’s life”! So metaphoric yet a fact!

So as you go through this new upcoming year of 2024, allow your Self to be more open, use your best gift, your intuition to guide you to “gift” others with your heartness, in the allness of you through your connectedness. Your intuitive gift gifts others not just with presents, but the “presence” of you!

The best gift is the world is you, your heart and your life!
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