Your cellular memory experiences are the impetus for how you live, process and “do” your life.  From the minute the sperm hits the egg you are in.  You have brought with you “stuff” from the old paradigm of karma lessons and reincarnation, if this is what your belief systems tells you. If you have a belief system that you were born to die, or it is a good day to die, then your life is all about endings and deaths.  Where’s the living part. Where’s the Self-expression part that is not based on dysfunction?  Most of the times these belief systems can be very confusing…do you think?  Oh…what to do… what to do?  Die, live being afraid of  dying and for real….live your life greatly? You mean I could?

The key to living a healthy, prosperous life is getting to the deep rooted issues that are housed in your cellular memory experiences.  The lock for the key to open is more than knowing and understanding, but comprehending that when you “took” in belief systems that did not serve you, you did always have the experience or knowledge to “get” what was happening to you.  You did always have the competency, especially in childhood to get to the facts.  You are too embroiled in the emotional attachments to the experiences. Your sight and insight are clouded by the emotional molecules that take you’re your power.

Your experiences became convoluted.  In the case of horrific child or sexual abuse, it is in comprehensible that this behavior should or could happen to any child given the fairy tale nightmare that parents, siblings, extended family or friends love the child, nurturing and keeping the child safe. Well that nightmare is a living hell throughout the victims’ lives.  The perpetrator is stuck somewhere in his or her cellular memory experience.  This is not an excuse but this is what happens as the behavior is exchanged from one generation to another.  Now the victim of the perpetrator is also stuck.  The play it forward is completely dysfunctional and continues the pattern. The Blame Game raises its ugly head and every blames everyone, instead of addressing the core issue at the cellular level of the experiences. Who started in not the issue anymore?  Who stops it is the hero.  Stopping any dysfunctional behavior begins with you.

Parents, teachers, siblings and even your Self do not comprehend how each experience in lives are imprinted from conception, talking experiences from both parents and their lineage compounding by your own experiences.  Without being conscious or fully aware of what is happening, limited belief systems color and convolute the experiences.  The convolution happens out of guilt, shame, blame, finger pointing by everyone, which simply results in more convoluted self-fulfilling behaviors and actions.

Head therapy talks about it from your computer/brain… get it your computer brain? your body is where your experience your life, good, bad or indifferent. The majority of the time the talky-talky head therapy only re-enforces, re-traumatizes and re-activates the dysfunctional behavior in your life.  While at the same you are trying to suppress the resulting actions from the convolutedly embedded cellular memory experiences. It makes it impossible because you have a computer/brain running and re-running your show. You, then, can not understand why nothing changes.  You are just re-living the traumas through the computer/brain.  Therefore your body has to go along with the dysfunctions again and again.

The key is to comprehend the importance of your cellular memory in your body.  The lock is unlocked by accessing the cellular memory experiences without re-experiencing, without the blame, shame and guilt.  By seeing everyone’s part in the experience, you can see your own experiences.  Knowing at your deepest knowing that you can not change the past, or keep re-traumatizing by re-talking about the “it” all the time, you can physically and emotionally let it go.  Knowing you can’t change the past is a fact.  The best fact is you change your future by not dwelling on the past.  Let our Cellular Memory be your guide to healing your physical and emotional issues.  Your body knows everything.  Your brain only knows limited belief systems. Get out of your head!