Here’s the statement that reinforces this paradigm of “Why do we do the things we do?”… “Well, it is just the way it is!” What the heck that does that mean? It is just the way it is? If we continue to embrace this outdated, old statement, we continue to hang on to the traumas, the dramas and the dysfunctions of relationships, whether personal or professional. Come on now! Let’s get over this energy draining, past clutching, excuse permission belief system.

If this is the way it is for you, then look at what is “the way” for you that is not working. Maybe it is easier in your computer/brain to logic-alize or rationalize that accepting the dysfunction “what is” as your reality serves you in some way. If the service is no longer serving, then stop serving your Self this B.S.

Oh yes, there is the proverbial excuse… “Well there is nothing I can do about this situation.” Yes, there are always choices and options. What keeps you from seeing opportunities is your computer/brain is blind to seeing outside the “this is the way it is box”. Your heart has much better eyesight, when you see with your heart.

Your heart has the highest vibrational field in your human body. The scientific community has poked, prodded, measured and come to the conclusion that the heart does, in deed, have the highest vibration in your human body. Your brain…not so much! But have you ever met a compassionate, huggable, loveable computer? No! Not really. If you have, then where is this computer?

Your brain is a computer, a processor that runs neuronets of information. When the information is not conducive to a healthy consciousness, then it does its job and sends unhealthy messages through your nervous system to the body. The body gets sick. Why, because it gets tired of the sick and tired messages your computer/brain is sending.

So, if your heart is the highest vibrational field in your body, then it is time to feel what your heart feels. If you are holding fears, concerns, and dysfunctional relationships in your heart, then your heart can only vibrate at that low level of consciousness. Not so good!!!
Your heart has an unlimited ability to love unconditionally, to support you in your creative process and to connect to others who are resonating on a more expanded level of awareness. You just have to take the opportunity to first connect to your own heart.

What is your heart saying to you? Yes, your heart is consciousness! Your heart is NOT saying be a victim, be miserable, be less than, take the abuse. Your heart does not have that language, only your computer brain does. So use your computer/brain as the tool it is…to organize information, to send clear, direct, focused healthy messages to your body. Live through your heart, this is the only place to start the change that you require to let go of “this is the way life is, this is what life has dealt me, this is only as good or bad as it can get”, these are all programmed belief systems. You do not have to believe them.

If your belief systems prevent you from believing in your Self, then ask your Self…”Why am I hanging on to this old paradigm?” Now ask your Self, “What do I deserve in my life to have the best life I can have?” Start asking your heart and your heart will provide you the perfect answers. Your heart has your answers, when you ask the correct questions. Your computer/brain is only interested in the old programs that keep you from being who you really are.

You do the things you do because of fear. You do the things you do because your are taught to not connect to your Self. You do the things you do because you are taught to rely on a computer/brain. Now how reliable are computers? No so much! The time has come to rely on your Self. Get into your body and connect to your heart.

Remember….”Live through your heart, this is the place to start…the only thing that matters is the matter that is created from your heart.” Matter to your Self and the physical matter of your creativity will become the physical manifestation of your life.

Love is the way it is!