From your cells point of view, they “do” what you have accepted as a belief system. Whether it is good, bad or indifferent is up to you.  Why, because it is how you interpret the information that you are taking into your body, it’s your cells that makes your reality.

The question is… is your reality based upon a truth that enhances your life, your creativity, or is your reality founded upon a Belief System that drags you through trauma/dramas, illness and “de-powerment” over and over again.  When a Belief System is confining from a narrow band of consciousness, then so too is your life confining and restricting with little growth in your space of reality.  It is not “what you see is what you get”, it is “what you believe is the reality that you get”.  “Getting” is the result or manifestation of what your collective consciousness is or in other words, its what you’ve stored in your cells that makes the happenings in your life.  It is that simple.  You do the doing because your cells, whether it is good for you or your life, are just doing what you “think” is your reality rational or not.  Your emotional body without clear rational is the power source that propels you through this false reality because it is entangled in irrational Belief Systems that must “un-clearly” create a limited, suppressive, fear based reality.  Your cells suffer as you suffer through life.  How does that suffering appear to you?  A build-up of suppression happens in your body through the non clear interpretation of your Belief Systems. The results could be illness, depression, a dis-empowering way of life.  Non-productive, just existing, just going through life without focus direction, or the full use of your creativity. No fun, no joy just perhaps intermittent hits of elation to be crashed by your Belief Systems that are being interpreted that life is tough or  it is the way it is.  It’s all up to you!

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