So many times these words Unconditional Love are said over and over again. In many ways, this idea or “concept” of Unconditional Love is stated in so many ways. In many languages, the image of Unconditional Love is taught as the ideal within relationships! The relationships many times are considered between a man and a woman. This idea of Unconditional Love is romanticized in books, movies, and belief systems, in so many ways.

The conventional and even traditional idea of Unconditional Love is accepted as real. Now without any judgment of these two words, what if you considered within your own life, or lives you have observed within this model, even within an international view of “romantic” relationships, this theory of Unconditional Love should be working.

Yet? The divorce rate according to various statistics is growing off the charts! Are there really a substantial number of divorces, whether a couple is married or not. The ideal of a couple in Unconditional Love as the foundation of the relationship, as a matter of fact, that this “coupling” in this resonance would last forever! Not happening!

Yet? In the lasting part of this identification of Unconditional Love, wouldn’t the statistics be very low for a divorce or an uncoupling as some now describe it? So, what is going on here? Let’s look at another idea of Unconditional Love between family members and even friends. What are the chances that this idea of Unconditional Love as the basis for any kind of relationship, not just romantic, that they would last for a long time.

The chances of a longer lasting relationship in this resonance perhaps, not the romantic kind or the biological family kind, but in the kind of friendship. The resonance of being a part of or a “kind” or a form of a relationship that is based on something even deeper than Unconditional Love! A sense of connection beyond romance, or biology even if it is romantic or biological!

A reason for this is in a connected friendship, just consider this, because there are fewer or no emotional attachments or disconnected connections because of the labels within a family, mother, father, sister, brother, cousin, uncle, aunt, cousin, whatever! Therefore, an experience with a non-biological or sometimes even a biological friendship transcends these labels or identifiers of a person or persons. 

A special bond is formed. Many times, as this occurs, a step in taken beyond the “confines” of the label or identifier of Unconditional Love. As we all understand Unconditional Love has so many emotional caveats attached to the relationships romantic or not! “I will love you if…!”  “I will love you..however!” “You will love me if…!” “You will love me, however…!” 

At this point in the equation of Unconditional Love in the resonance of Duality, that opposites attract scenarios, many times it turns out to be “opposition” to the attraction. This could be defined as a “reevaluation” of the Unconditional Love scenario. A scenario means there is a scene change. A divorce, an ending, a conclusion…just over!

Without any evaluation or judgment of this terminology, perhaps, just perhaps, Unconditional Love is not exactly what it is supposed to be. Especially in terms of Duality, in the judgment categories of evaluations, definitions, and measurements.

In so many relationships in Duality whether romantic or not, so many times even within families, Unconditional Love gets obscured, very emotional, and sometimes extremely judgmental.  The relationship is challenged. So many times, the relationship is ended. Many times, with sadness, anger, hatred, and even revenge. Very scary!

Now to look at all of this Unconditional Love from a Non-Emotional Observer perspective with facts, let’s consider Unconditional Acceptance. In Unconditional Acceptance, there is a willingness to accept each other. In this Unconditional Acceptance resonance, each person involved can look beyond all the caveats or Duality Belief Systems about relationships romantic or not of the Why’s and the How’s that each person came together in this relationship!

Unconditional Acceptance is a recognition, an agreement and an acknowledgment of each person involved within the structure of a relationship. In Unconditional Acceptance there is a deeper connection, call it friendship, feeling, connectedness, or involvement, whatever the explanation or identifier, there is purity!

Within the resonance of Unconditional Acceptance, there is room for exploration, there is room for expansion, there is room for discovery, there is room for growth. The best part is there are no boundaries or confinements based on the Dualistic aspects and elements that put people in boxes. These Dualistic boxes, box people in especially in any kind of relationship romantic or not.

Unconditional Acceptance is Growth! Duality is Growing up or Growing down! In Unconditional Acceptance for everyone involved, there is growth in all directions. Growth of knowledge! Growth to learn about your Self and each other. Growth to expand your visions of everyone involved. 

Unconditional Acceptance is not only Growth, it becomes unlimited in how each person can participate with each. In Duality the participation is based on “doing something to or for someone else!” This is too confining and based upon limitations and restrictions. In Unconditional Acceptance, it is participation “with” each other. This is support and assistance.

So to Unconditional Acceptance, first for your Self.  This is not Selfish. This is Centered in Self! Then Unconditional Acceptance with others. So, let’s vision together… this shift, this change that definitely establishes a much broader, stronger, and clearer resonance beyond the restrictions of dualistic confinements. 

Unconditional Acceptance is the best acceptance of Self and others!
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