How can this be? Truth in Untruth!!! The key, the significance, the vital information within the Untruth is a particular factor, issue, or aspect of the Untruth is what is the meaning or the consequence of the Untruth. The statement let the Truth be told, you have to look at who is the proponent who is asking you or “telling” you what the Truth is!

What the Truth is… will impact your life, possibly and more times than not, what the Truth of the Untruth is, can significantly hold you, hostage, without your clear knowledge. Not to get conspiracy theorists about this statement. Looking from the advantage point of NEO Non-Emotional Observer first and foremost, how does the information or any information influence you, your life, and how you choose to participate or are involved in your own life fully. 

The point is more times than not throughout your own life and other times lines of you, from a perspective of “his” tory or “her” story, the significance of being impacted by limiting Belief Systems of Duality is huge! When a statement is exclaimed as Truth yet is an Untruth significantly impacts your life or anyone’s for that matter every day! 

What matters is how the Untruth, proposed to you as Truth, can influence how you create your life from the very beginning of you!  This is the significance.  You and so many are told.. “do not question”. To not question the “authority figure” and/or any of the authority figures in your life. At any age or stage of your life, without judging, were you told that “this” is the Truth. Yet this specific Truth turned out to be an Untruth!

More times than not, the Untruth disguised as Truth is or was taught to you to control or dominate you, the Untruth is or was stated as a fact. Yet a so-called fact is or was not a fact at all!  In my own experience of learning, having shared this particular Belief System as a fact that Columbus discovered America is totally not the Truth! He did not discover America. This continent was not identified as America. Now ask as a caveat did Amerigo Vespucci discover “American” or is it a fact this country was named after him? TRUTH or UNTRUTH.  Silly examples yet are these facts real?



More times than not, an idea of a Truth is taught! This idea is then engrained in you, or a group, as school children or adults, that someone who stated a made or reported statement, it is picked up by the “press” or whatever group buys into the statement, someone or everyone else “buys” into the statement, passes it along, the statement takes on a life of it’s own, and eureka… A statement becomes an unfactual Belief System! The Belief System is now stated as Truth! Yet the underlying, and lying is the factor, is now presented as Truth. Even though this so-called disguised Truth is really in fact the Untruth!

So, what is the purpose of this article? The purpose is perhaps for you to begin to question, requestion and question again, some Belief System, some statement made by a person, even family member, a group, an institution, news media, expert, whomever to get to the root of this Belief System!

Have you had the experience at any specific times or times in your life, when an “expert” stated a Truth at the time, that turned out to be absolutely the Untruth. Through my own life, there are and were many, many times when in the news when a particular statement was broadcast around the country or the world that this or that was happening and it turned out to be completely false. 

For the moment, you look “back”, not to be stuck in the past, as NEO Non-Emotional Observer and consider some of the fear-based statements, this is only an example, when some false information was announced as TRUTH or a fact. Yet it turned out to be completely false! Though it created a lot of fear within you or anyone hearing the falseness of the statement. Happens all the time!!!

Going way back in history, the actor, Orson Wells broadcast in 1938 that there “is” an alien invasion called War of the Worlds. An unbelievable number of people thought it “is” happening! Turned out to be a “hoax” or the Untruth. Now this may seem a ridiculous example, yet it was not ridiculous at the time to the listeners. They were terrified to the max! A complete Untruth Truth!

When John F Kennedy was running for the President of the United States, the statements were made that if an Irish Catholic became President, the Vatican would run the Whitehouse. Amazing! The fact is who really does run the Whitehouse. The president, or the staff, or who runs it. Now, not being ridiculous, when questioning something that is stated, the best stance is looking for the facts.

When you are emotional, the challenge is, any time in your life and what you are hearing can challenge your emotionality, your test to your Self to find the facts. The steps to finding the facts are always being NEO Non-Emotional Observer, stand in your own Truth, how does what is being stated influence you!  The discernment is and always is to connect to the Truth of the Untruth, by getting the real facts, not the made up ones, is through your “FEELINGS”.

Always trust your Feelings! Your Feelings are your inner, natural guidance that will not lead you astray. Your Feelings are your Heart’s Connections within you, which is your natural ability of discernment.  Discernment is your guidance, your inner compass that assists and supports you to comprehend the impacting difference in what is Your Truth and what is the Untruth!

Looking back through your life, not reliving these experiences, when you Self-Discover something that was said to you, told to you, taught to you as the factual Truth. Yet this Belief System, or idea turned out to be a complete falsehood. The section of the word “hood” in false is the perfect “vision”. Putting a hood over you, literally blinding you so you will not only not see a particular Untruth, disguised as Truth, but prevent you from “listening” to the Untruth!  Both your eyes and your ears are hooded!

Watching the news, ask your-Self, how many times was a statement made about anything or anyone, stated as the Truth that turned out to be the Untruth. This action or activity within the “con”fines of the Dualistic Belief Systems more times than not turn out to be a “con” job! Trusting your own natural ability to discern how does this information affect you, your body and your health?

Getting down to the core, especially in these times, whatever is stated on the news, or internet or any delivery system of information, make sure you rely on your own inner guidance in your Heart, to discern.  Trust your own inner discernment. Trust your “gut feeling”. Trust your Self. 

Again, especially now, when there are so many avenues to perpetuate, the Untruth Truths. What is your Truth for YOU is what counts!!! Your Truth may, in fact, be in agreement with what is going on in your outside world. Or Not! 






“The Truth lives in your Heart, the UnTruth “lies” in your Duality Left Computer Brain!”
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