Frequency and VibrationEverything is frequency and vibration.  Everything has a frequency and vibration.  What does this mean to your everyday life?   In Quantum Physics there is a string theory co-authored by Michio Kaku, a leading international astrophysicist, who states that at the molecular level there are “vibrating” strings that carry a frequency and have a vibration.  From a practical standpoint, what does this mean on a daily basis?  It can mean a lot.  Knowing this can change how you act, how you behave and even how you think or feel about your life. Plus it can have a significant impact on what you create, who you attract to you and how you journey along your personal life’s path.

Frequency and vibration can affect just about every aspect of your life whether you are aware of how they work or not.  A simple explanation…when you are on the same wavelength or frequency as another person, you are simply picking up the “vibes” and so is the other person.  Your body at your cellular level of consciousness recognizes the match.  Your computer/brain, however, may connect to the vibes but your computer/brain may not always understand what is going on. Though you have been told that your brain is where your intelligence and intellect is stored, this is not the truth.  Your body holds your intelligence and intellect. This is why it is important for you to listen to your body.   Your cells are vibrating and recognize the frequency of the match.

With all that said, what does it mean?  It means that the more aware you are and the more connected to your body you are, the easier life is, especially with relationships.  Frequency and vibration attract frequency and vibration.  This is a given.  Where it gets dicey is when you aren’t listening to your body and you along with your computer/brain.  Would you like your life run by your desktop, tablet, or laptop?  Well, when you aren’t connected to your body and you let your computer/brain run your life, that is where your challenges are created.

If you are running a victim, not-good-enough, not-smart-enough, not-worthy frequency and vibration, whether you are aware of it or not, that is exactly what you will match.  Your vibrating strings are blabber mouths.  Someone will pick up your signal and be drawn directly to you.  Can you see how repeated patterns happened in your life?  In your relationships, in your circumstances, in events in your life?  It can sound like this…“Why is this always happening to me?” “Why am I attracting the same person or profile into my life?”  The reason is frequency and vibration.

When you understand how it all works, frequency and vibration (vibes) can turn into your best friends. The key is resonance.  If you don’t like the situations, relationships or event you have created in the past, then recognizing that resonance is the key to successes in relationships, finances, and experiences that you can create to have fun.

Reflect back over your life without blame or judgment and see what worked for you and what did not. Look at the people, events and even places that did not work for you and ask your Self what frequency and vibes was I sending out to attract that?  What didn’t work can now actually assist in your current life and situation.  Examine non-judgmentally those experiences and your own participation in those experiences.  What did you learn about your Self?  Then look at those times in your life when it was working so well.  When it was working, what vibes were you resonating in those times?  Resonance is what makes the difference.

So before you jump into a relationship, a new job, a new place, listen to your body, not your computer/brain and ask your Self…“How is this resonating to my body and even better to my heart?” When your frequency and vibration are in alignment with your body and your heart, you are resonating at a higher and more productive resonance.  Take the personal test.   Am I resonating or not?  Only you can determine what resonates to you or not!

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