Forgiveness can be a challenge!  Why?  In the conventional forgiveness equation, the forgiver can still remain the victim! How does that happen?  Since the body stores every experience that has ever happened to you, your body remembers even when you and your left computer/brain sometimes forgets or tries to forget.  

The forgetting process is your left computer/brain’s way of survival. However, the Duality Belief Systems, the b.s. of repetition support you to become and continue the perpetuation of being a victim.  Victimhood influences your daily life, personally and professionally.

Even when you are not fully aware or conscious of being a victim, a pattern of this behavior affects, effects and infects your life. The issue is not being fully aware or conscious of how you and your life are really being suppressed and limited.  The statement that accompanies this victim process… “Why is this always happening to me?”

Therefore, buried deep somewhere in your body, unconsciously, is the imprinted experience or experiences of being the victim of a person, an event and or a situation in your life.  You don’t have to operate as a victim.  YOU do not have to endure anyone in your life victimizing you anymore. This Duality Belief Systems do not have to be that way. 

You can release and be free of the person(s), the experience, and how these experiences and situations have influenced your life in non-productive ways.  There is a practical and empowering way to forgive that does not have to be radical or painful.  It will restore your power from the inside out.  Your body, soul, spirit, mind and every cell will rejoice.

“Forgiveness simply means for you “to give” yourself the opportunity, as an observer only, no longer a participant or victim, to go back to the past experience and see that the person, whether parent, sibling, teacher, authority figure or anyone “outside” of you, was more afraid than you.  Whoever he or she was, these individuals didn’t know who you were!  They didn’t even know who they are at the time. No judgment, just the facts. They were terrified that you would discover that they were more afraid than you.  They ruled through fear, control and manipulation because of their fears.   

Remember, more times than not, at the time of the experience you didn’t have the “power” or “awareness” or sometimes the words to tell them NO or to stop.  You also didn’t know how, because of your lack of information and knowledge to stop the experience, especially when you were a child. 

Every adult in your childhood represents the authority outside of you.  The authority was supposed to know more than you. They were supposed to know everything.  How could this event be happening?

Honestly, deep within “that” person or persons, they were terrified of being found out.  They were just doing the best and worst they could with what they knew and didn’t know. Thy operated on mostly what they didn’t know. They had to “pretend” at times that they did know what they were saying and doing.  More times than not, they did not. Why?  Because they had been victimized by their authority figures! The Beat Goes On! 

What everyone forgot… because of the emotional attachments to the experiences… is the Contract!   And everyone forgot the Script! Regardless of the time or years past, these emotional bands connected to the past and your inner molecules of emotions can be forever attached to the person(s), event(s) and experience(s).   

As you become the observer, you will see that you and the person or persons, whoever they are, wrote each other into the script.  In the moment of being the observer, you will understand the lesson.  You will see why you chose your parents, siblings, or how you chose to participate with that person(s) in the experience(s).

In this observer moment, you will release the emotional bands, you have been holding inside your body.  When you consciously release them and detach as the observer, you will let go forever and ever.  You and your future will not be connected to the past.  Forgiveness happens naturally as Self-Freedom!  You, your body, your soul and your spirit are free.

“Give Your Self your own freedom to move beyond the emotional attachments to unchangeable experiences and create your experiences that are worth remembering”
– Sherryism.. 

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