There is just so much written and discussed about the issue of fear. What is fear? Sometimes fear is defined as false evidence as appearing real? How can this be?  Evidence means proof, verification, facts.  False means bogus, counterfeit, fake!  This is an oxymoron, if there ever is one, and a confusing definition at that!  Fear has no evidence.  Fear has no facts.  Fear is what it is…simply a lack of information.

The more information and facts you have about everything, the more knowledge you have.  With more information and the facts, you will make more practical, spiritual and intelligent choices for yourself.   With all the essential facts, you automatically empower yourself to create your life without being hindered by irrational fears!

What causes confusion, in making effective choices, are the emotional molecules of thought patterns that get in your way.  The molecules of emotions, dragged forward from some place in the past, trigger your irrational fears.  Self esteem issues, judgment of self and emotional past experiences cloud your decision making process.  Don’t let the past obscure, how you require to live your life now!  You can’t change the past, but you can, for sure, live better now!

The fears of low self-esteem, judgment and lack issues, that are stored in your emotional body, translate your personal judgment issues into physical problems. The brain kicks into gear “thinking” something is wrong and the chemical re-action, running through your body, creates the imbalance because of FEAR!  Nothing “feels good or right”!  Fear is a waste of your valuable time. No matter how you label fear, fear is non-productive and debilitating.  It is difficult to be effective and creative when you hold fear in your consciousness.

Rumors, gossip, prejudice, and hate are all symptoms of fear.  There are no facts in any of these behaviors.  There are only anger, hurt and harm that occur from these actions.  Living in fear of each other, because of differences whether ethnic, religious or belief systems, is ridiculous.  Hate filled prejudice is simply the irrational off-spring of fear. How can anyone live in Oneness, if fear rules.

Look into your fears, your prejudices and your differences with others.  Perhaps with all the facts and information, you will understand that the disparities aren’t as “different” as you thought.  Your life is worth more than “one fear molecule” that prevents you from living your life to the fullest. With the facts, you will make better choices.  With the facts, you will expand your horizons. With the facts, irrational fears can not rule your life.   You deserve to know the facts. It’s a fact…your life is worth it!