What can the resonance of anger do to your body? Reflect, Non-Emotionally, as the observer into your past or past experiences where you got so angry! This anger can be described as disappointment, shock, fury, rage, indignation, temper tantrums or blind emotions that embed in your body.

Just contemplate, not thinky thinking about what happened. Now consider where ever your body physically, genetically, emotionally, and “tangibly” where you “were” in those moments that impacted you. Not only in your left computer brain, yet where it impacted you in your body!

Your body takes the hit or the brunt of this anger. However deep-seated and intrinsically this resonance of anger can affect, effect and infect you, it can fester over time, the seconds, the minutes, the weeks, the months, the years, the decades within you. When this festering continues without addressing the issues through not only your left computer brain but also the cells, particles, and molecules of you to your subatomic levels, you are actually making your-Self sick!

Forget about judging your Self! What is happening is that your cellular levels of you within your body, in all parts of your body, your systems, including your organs, and every physical aspect of you are being inundated with this anger. This anger becomes the molecules of emotions that eventually make you sick!

The sickness could be described as:

              Diagnosis                                                     Emotional Core

  1. Cancer                                                   Eating your Self up alive.
  2. Depression                                          Deepest disappointment.
  3. Anxiety                                                  Unrealistic expectations.
  4. Addiction                                             Desperation for attention.

And the list goes on. These are the “usual” ones. There are so many more labels and descriptions of illness, disease, and dysfunction in the human body. Again, these issues are physical, emotionally physical and physically emotional. 


When you are willing to address the core of your anger and begin to connect to these places in your body, within your systems, all your organs, places, and spaces within your body where this emotional anger is stored, you will “see” and discover that holding onto past anger or any trauma does not serve you in any way to hang on! All the descriptions of anger… be it rage, fury, or any description at the core it is ANGER!

This anger resonance from the past holds your body in the past regardless of the time or your timeline. Please give your-Self the opportunity as the Non-Emotional Observer NEO and your own personal Non-Emotional Listener, NEL to connect to those areas of your body that are holding this anger and give your Self permission to release it.

The person or persons or experiences that hold you in the past, the person or persons most likely do not remember and these past experiences are over. None of this can be changed.  The past is one second ago and your future is one second from now!

You deserve to be healthy and live the full experience of your life! Anger is an energetic life draining and sickness causing effect that infects you. The old paradigm states Cause and Effect. This is not the Truth!


So NOW is the time, NOW, in this present moment to give our Self a present, the gift of your life to you! Be fully present in the moment. “See” for your Self and “feel” for your Self as you let go, and let you become the Power from within you to support and assist you to be the Healthy YOU! 

Focus on your life now. Be directed! You are the one and only who can make the difference in your life. Now how you participate in life in the NOW MOMENTS create the directions that you are going in the next moments.


“Emotionally decide anger to make your Self sick or consciously choose health, it is all up to you.”
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