So many times the question is….”What is my purpose?” Or “Why am I here?” These are viable and valuable questions. Yet so many times again and again they go unanswered in the moment and over and over again in your current lifetime and in your other timelines! What is the answer? The Truth is there is NO ONE ANSWER!  

There are many answers in each of your moments. Many times, my friends or clients ask me the same question. No doubt about it they ask Selves this same question. The question, repeating it from the first line of this article…”What is my purpose?” Yet it appears to go unanswered over and over again! Currently and even in the timelines of seemingly everyone.  

“What is my purpose is a great question?”  YET?

The fact is or the truth is… there is NO ONE PURPOSE. Digest this statement. There is NO ONE PURPOSE! As a multidimensional person, beyond the confines and restrictions of Duality and “seeing” or realizing with “Real Eyes”, it is quite impossible to have one purpose! Matter of fact is it very impossible and completely unfeasible. 

To have only one purpose, you would bore your Self to death. Even lifetime after lifetime, your death certificate would say… Bored to Death!  OMG, this sounds so ridiculous. Yet it is even more ridiculous to confine your Self to a boring life of only one purpose.  

From birth, you are in learning modes through your lifetime or lifetimes to gain knowledge through the experiences that you are experiencing to experience. These experiences are your Self-Education, whether you “get” them or not to collect and evaluate your experiences. More times than not the difficulties you encounter, because of the limitations of the Duality Programs through your left computer brain, you sometimes, more than not, miss the full Monty of your experiences.

These experiences, again and again, are the occurrences, happenings, or encounters you “wrote in your script(s), this timeline, and other timelines, to encounter these situations and incidents called experiences. Not what is the point?

The point is, you are actually teaching your Self, not necessarily lessons (lessons, less ons, less ons that turn into morons (morons, more ons, more ones) all sorts of ways to experience your life or lifetimes. The plethora of events and situations that you experience, are for your own benefit as the author of your script(s) through your timelines. How phenomenal! No script written around the world would be or could be as amazing as you to write what you did. 

The reasons you write these “scripts” or experiences, who knows? Deep within your Self, in your Non-Duality Consciousness, you conceived and outlined your experiences to see just exactly how you would “deal” with what you wrote.

Now you can say it is your Soul who writes the scripts, these situations for you to learn. Well now ask your Self… “To Learn What?”  When you are willing to start asking deep dive into your Cellular Memories of your own continuum, this lifetime, or other timelines, without any judgment, evaluation, or measurement, you are expanding your resonance!  In this expansion of resonance, beyond the limitation resonances of Duality, a practical yet amazing feature inside of you begins to open.  

This opening is not only accessing your Soul in real practical ways, you are connecting your own remarkable Soul in your current physical body to begin your initiation into your own personal Non-Duality presence of your Self.

As this occurs, your answers to all your questions begin to be answered clearly and consciously. Will this happen immediately?  Did you learn to walk immediately? No. You learned to move, to crawl, and then to sometimes shakily or unsteadily stand. Then to walk, run, sprint, dance, and even more! The more conscious and connected to all the aspects of your Self within this human body in this current timeline with your Soul, the more you become the Whole Person that you are meant to be!

Your Soul is not esoteric! Your Soul is as physical as you “think” your human body is! Your Spirit is as physical as your human body.  Every system in your human body is physical. When you leave this current human body, or in another other timelines you so-called” died, you did not!

You are always physical. Regardless of any of the Duality Belief Systems, including religion, once you die you are etheric. The others are as physical as this planet. They are just another version of physicality. 


If ever there is or was a timeline, this is the perfect time to stop “hearing” those limited Duality Belief Systems about life and death.  There are many people walking around this planet, not judging them, who are the day and night of the living dead. They are so disconnected from them Selves, they don’t FEEL!

The feeling is the first step in the connection progressive process of connecting all aspects of you to you! This is the advent or the beginning of the shift or change in resonance from the inside out. This is the perfection and the means to shift out of the confines and dreg of Duality, and step by step become a Real Human.

The purpose of becoming a Real Human is to one by one, and then together and united, generate the resonance of a freed person from the confines of the restrictions of Duality. The Duality recycle bin, wasting time and timelines, life and lives, and “experiences” based on Newness becomes so-over! 

The Experience? The Purpose? This Newness Resonance from within the Real Human Body now generates the resonance to create and establish the New Earth. No Spaceship is required! The foundation for this to happen is unconditional WILLINGNESS! 

So… the Purpose, the Point of an experience is to experience the experiences that YOU CONSCIOUSLY CREATE TO EXPERIENCE! You can then embrace your experiences, enjoy your experiences, and relish in our experiences. The best part of Non-Duality Experiences is they are full of life. No trauma dramas “needed” or “wanted”! You become full of life!  Hoping, wishing, wanting, and needing are irrelevant. Embrace your creativity in experiences that benefit you, your life, and your experiences. 




“Experiencing your experiences consciously is your experience of life!”
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