What a Contract!

Ever wonder what “being everything and being nothing” means? How could that be?  Sounds like a paradox!  It doesn’t seem logical. How could you be everything and nothing at the same time? Really, it’s easy. Especially, when you realize with “real eyes” that you are the one who wrote these incredible contracts with all those people along your journey.

Reflecting back through your life, look at all that you have experienced from the minute you were born to this current time.  Ever thought about counting how many people you have met in your lifetime.  Ever count how many people have influenced you… special teachers, friends, acquaintances, even strangers that affected your life in very positive ways?

 Some may have helped you change the course of your life.  Have you ever thought about how many people you have affected or influenced in your lifetime?  Even, an act of kindness that you gave a stranger really made a difference!  Did you ever consider that just maybe your thoughtfulness changed someone’s life in a positive way?

From your infancy, childhood, teenage years through your adulthood, reflect back to all the events that were so important to you in all those ages and stages in your life.  Remember how some events seemed so much more important than others.  For your parents, maybe it was your first step, your first word, your first everything.  And to you perhaps, it was your first date, your first kiss, your first love, or whenever, that were the most significant time and holds your fondest memories.

As you look back, can you see how extraordinary you are?  You have created every one of those experiences through your journey. There is no one you could have created them better than you.  Some situations were a challenge.  You wrote each contract with all these people, including your parents, your family, your friends, and even your perceived enemies.   How amazing that all these people agreed to participate with you and you with them.  How profound for you that all these contract players that show you the way through your journey.  Isn’t it a wonder that you didn’t always see the “fine print” in the contract?  It is in the fine print that the answers to the questions lay…”what the heck are these contracts all about!”

As soon as you see how divine the contracts, regardless of the challenges, you understand the fortitude and endurance you have to write such outlandish agreements to raise your consciousness and grow yourself up spiritually through the experiences written so well by you.  The more conscious you become that you are the Oscar winning writer, make new agreements for yourself.   For you are the writer of the everything that you create!  And from the nothingness on a blank page, you created the all.

Rewrite your old contracts, write new contracts with more benefits for yourself.  Be more aware with whom you sign your agreements.  Write delicious contracts for yourself that are yummy to your life.  Make all the print bold.  Include everything that you love

Sherry Anshara

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