Endings—what are they? We encounter them all the time, and when they tug at our heartstrings, they can profoundly impact our lives. Emotional endings have a sneaky way of burrowing into our tissues, lingering for hours, days, weeks, months, or even years. This emotional residue doesn’t just affect our mental state; it takes a toll on our physical health, compromising our immune system and overall well-being. Imagine carrying around unresolved emotions that gradually manifest into tangible illnesses.

Whether it’s the end of a cherished relationship, the close of a chapter in your career, or the finality of losing a loved one, these endings embed themselves into our bodies and minds. They shape our health narratives in ways we might not immediately recognize, transforming emotional pain into physical ailments. It’s a poignant reminder that the ends we face in life, both personal and professional, are more than just moments in time; they are deeply interwoven with our long-term health and happiness.

Living Happily Ever After?

The “ending,” the end times of an experience, a situation, an event, or a short- or long-term commitment that ended without a resolution, is extremely emotional and physically emotional. When there is no resolution to an “End Time” of an experience, it can devastate.

The idea of “growing up, getting married, having children and living happily ever after” that concludes in the End Times through a divorce or a physical death, this event can be very devasting.  The devastation is that it did not turn out how it was supposed to. What?  The expectations may have been unrealistic without judging the experience as wrong or bad. With unrealistic expectations, this behavior, both physically and physically emotional, can be diagnosed as Anxiety. 

Anxiety produces nervousness, apprehension, worry and all kinds of physical and physical emotions in the cells, particles, and molecules within the body to the subatomic level. A discombobulation of stressful thought patterns challenges living a productive and healthy life. A difficult End Times to a relationship, personally and professionally, can cause, again, a lowered immune system, that results in an illness, disease, or dysfunction.

The End Times, in a religious idea, without judging, can be the end of a life, the end of a way of life, or the end of the world.  Since everyone lives in their “own world,” personally and professionally, let’s consider that your world is sometimes compatible and productive with others.  Sometimes, your world collides with other individuals or groups of people with your version of life. 

The compatibility with a person or a group of individuals when there is agreement, at least a great percentage of the time, life appears to be very viable, lively, and not a consideration for an idea of an End Times.  On the other end of the spectrum, when there is no compatibility with a person or a group of individuals, whether called a family, a group of friends, a social group, an employment position, or even a place or location, the resonance is no longer viable. There is no “life” of connection at a particular time, an End Time occurs.  Whether good, bad, or indifferent, an End Time takes place!

There are beginnings, connections, and experiences throughout life, and the inevitable happens. These inevitabilities are called End Times.  Just a fact.  Endings do not have to be judged as bad at all!  Let’s consider that an End Times or End Times is the “completion” of a relationship, personally or professionally, the completion of a way of life, the completion of a paradigm, and even the completion of a Belief System that one was held so tightly.

Being An Observer

Through the ideas of an End Time, by being in the observer position and getting to the facts, that perhaps an End Times is the beginning of something brand new in your life.  Without Self-Judgement, looking at the End Times of an experience, a situation, a position, or a “state of being in how, when, where and why you are living in a particular way, again without Self-Judgment, this is the Time to End or Complete this circumstance or circumstances in your life.

Looking currently as the Completion of something in your life that is no longer relevant or viable for you or the health and well-being of you, your life, and your circumstances this is the “perfect” time and timing for you to have completion.

Completion is the achievement of closure without any emotional ties to self-judgment or judgment from others. When you “gift” yourself with these end times as an “achievement of closure,” you open the door to incredible opportunities! Picture yourself as the NEO—Non-Emotional Observer—finding the valuable knowledge in each experience. What did you learn about yourself? How did you grow? This mindset transformation is powerful. It’s not just about closing a chapter; it’s about enriching your life’s narrative with newfound wisdom that paves the way for future success and happiness. Embrace the end times, and watch as they become the fertile ground for your evolution.

This knowledge is the questions and the answers to the Completion of Achieving these End Times.  This knowledge of what you gained, not as lessons but as facts, which you can carry with you indefinitely without a timeline!






Sherry Anshara