What is the difference… goals, objectives, aims, ends, purposes, targets, and/or objectives…and intentions? Well??? There is a huge difference! Why? Because of this word intentions.

From a purely physical viewpoint, what do intentions really mean? In-tent at your ion or your cellular level of your beingness. Your clear and even not clear foundation of your energy activated from your ion or cellular level of consciousness, clear or obscured, supports the physical energetic release of your intentions from your inside out!

Life is not a reflection of you. Reflection has no substance, no aliveness, no anything! Projection has everything! What you project from your ion/cellular level of your beingness, your consciousness, clear or obscured, is exactly what you establish or create in your life.  Your experiences are your projections.

Without blame, shame, or judgement of self, sometimes these “projections” are like….WHAT?  This is happening to me. At some core level, again clear or obscured, your life happens according to the happenings that are going on inside of you!

The rub here is the Duality based left computer brain. This one-sided computer skews the formation or the physical activities that occur outside of you. These skews when filled with emotions, trauma dramas, upsets, or confusions, the results in the outcomes “project” these occurrences. Very challenging for sure.

So, what does all of this have to do with “intentions”? Looking at the word In-tent-ion(s) and looking into the foundational meaning of this word, it is “in” side of you, what you intend to occur from your ion or cellular level of your being, your consciousness, the very foundation of you.

The more clear, the more direct and focused your intentions from your inside out, the more clear and definable what you create, implement, manifest, and then actualize in your life in your outside world, your projections are definite more stable, accurate, and work for you!

The less clear, the more ambiguous, and all over the place, your intentions then establish this resonance of uncertainty, confusion, and certainty. You can “thank” your Duality left computer brain for this “con”fusion. Conned at your ion or cellular levels within your smart body “run” by a ½ of computer. Not so great!!!

Using a ½ Duality based computer brain is like a 286 computer, who remembers these? A 286 computer trying and trying and trying to download an app. It can’t happen. The difference is called evolution. All of us are in this limited Duality resonance of the Third Dimension, so the time to move beyond this resonance, is to consciously evolve individually and collectively. One person at a time, you, me, and all who require this upgrade now!

The more you and all of us begin to connect both sides of the brain, the better your own life and all of our lives become more consciously evolved. As this occurs, the idea in Duality of a higher self and lower self goes away. You become your own self!

With that stated, you can grow and consciously evolve in all directions. You are not limited to up and down, so promoted by the limitations of the Duality left brain programming that makes no sense at all!

As you evolve consciously, your intentions happen more quickly, more defined, and support you to form, create, and determine what you are projecting in your life. The best is that your intentions are clear, definite, focused, and directed.

Your bigger “best” is that you clearly see and determine every moment of your life is clearly in your own charge. You are not “con”trolled by limited Duality Belief Systems. Isn’t this why we can here on this planet create, implement, manifest, and actualize your life through your clear intentions that “actualize” as your results!

The clearer and more defined you are within your Self, the clearer and more defined is your life. You came here to create the experiences you created to experiences including with those individuals, in all of the profiles, behaviors, and roles including yours, that you projected into your life. How fabulous when you are clearly conscious of this!

No more trauma dramas, no more getting “hooked into” to something that does not resonate with you in a Non Duality consciousness! Your Intentions, created and established by you, determine what you are determining for your Self from your inside out.

The old Duality programs of the outside in are now null and void. Be clear, be brilliant, be focused, and be directed. Your intentions are the clear scripts you now can write that make your life “correctly right” for you!

“Intentions are the projections of your creativity, be clear what you are creating!”
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