As you begin this New Year of 2024, consider your options of how you choose to participate or not!!! Your participation in your life, on your path, your journey, your way, your avenue, your course… OMG, there are so many words that define how you walk and even “talk” your way.

You can even consider that you have a trail to follow! What trail are you on? It is a track? Are you tracking your way? Are you on the right or wrong track? Or are you on the Track that is “correct” for you? What route are you following? Are you following a leader? Are you a follower? No, judgment here for you!

Who, what, where, and why are you on your “way”? As Frank Sinatra sang the Paul Anka song… “I did it my way!” So now the question to ask your own statement… “Are you doing it your way, or the way that someone else told you is your way? What way it is? Your way or the highway? Or is someone else’s way defined as yours?

These are very viable and personal questions, to ask your Self. For so many reasons. Especially in these times. These times seem very confusing. Probably, just saying, some of the most confusing times on this planet now. So many of the “rules and regulations” of how we are supposed to live, to do, to be, are being challenged to cores…my core, your core, everyone’s core.

Not appearing so much as what the core of society or how we participate with each other in this society of how we have been told is the “real” way or way, is being challenged beyond any societal boundaries or guidelines to the max. The confusion is confusing. Some things that we told were good or bad don’t fit any more at all!

With a clear view from inside of you, begin to consider how you are really choosing to participate in your life. This year of 2024 is 5785 in Hebrew! A huge gap! Yet what does time mean? Time as explained so many times…TI-ME. Time spells tie me! Or emit when spelled backward. So really time is an increment of space in your own personal space time continuum in which you use this space to create, implement, manifest, and actualize what you are creating and emitting to experience what you are emitting to create. Sounds? What?

Really, your time is your own personal “inner clock” of the how, the when, the where and the why you are establishing these frames of times in which you participate in your life. Where you are creating an experience, sleeping, enjoying a meal, talking with friends, writing a book, answering an email, or what ever or how many plethora of things you are being in your doingness, you establish your “time”! 

So now what is the point of this article? The point of this article, especially now at the onset of this year whatever is labeled as the number this year is defined as, you have choices! Make your choices clear and conscious, to use your time in all the ways that make your life belong to you. Your clear, conscious choices make your life according to the best tracks, ways, paths, roads, etc that you take deliberately, focused, and directed.

Yes, things, life as you have been told, are not “looking” or “seemingly” to be what is going on, you do have your own clear conscious choices to make for you! Do not make confusing, emotional decisions that cloud you and your “ways” as you go into this New Year of supposedly 2024! Make your own ways yours! This is not selfish. This is Centered in Self from your own personal core of your own Truths! Yes, Truths. Believe in Your Self. Believe in your Truth!

So now returning to another real point of this article for you is….!!! Without guessing or second guessing your Self, you can say NO! A NO can become your Best YES to you. How many times in your past, without counting them, that you said yes to something? While at your inner core of Truth within you, your core was shouting… “Just say NO!” 

Yet society, family, friends, co-workers, whomever was asking you, without judging them, to go against what is your own inner Truth. Well, this is the year, this is the time what that is, this is your taking a stand for your Self! You can use this sweet word. This word is not negative. Negative and positive are the language of the limitations of Duality! 

NO can be the sweetest, kindest, most productive, and most POWERFUL word you can say. Give yourself permission to say NO! And look at this word NO! Turn it around and it spells ON! So, by using this word in the most appropriate, kind, and empowering ways for your Self, NO can mean for you from your inside out, you are going ON and moving ON.

This does not mean you are abandoning anyone or your Self, you are simply and deliberately moving in a direction or directions that best serve you! So, it is okay to say NO! Embrace this word. It is not negative. NO can be your best and most positive way to express your Self and your inner Truth.

The best part of NO is you do not have to explain your Self. You do not have to excuse your Self. You do not have to NOT Your Self. Be willing, be focused, and be the Power within YOU by saying it is okay to say NO! 

The wonderful thing about the word NO it does not have time limits or boxes of confinements. NO can be just momentarily. NO can just be in the current moment. NO can just be a way to regroup your Self. No can be the perfect time and timing to “see” what is best for you! 

So before always saying Yes, get regretful, sick, and upset, give your Self the leeway, the flexibility to say NO. Then perhaps your NO can be the BEST YES FOR YOU at the moment!

“Saying No can be your Best Yes to YOU!” 
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