Ever wonder “why” you get stuck?  Ever wonder “why” you see someone you know “stuck” in the past?  Always talking about the past(s), you know their words, their descriptions, their dialogue, which at times feels like a “log” weighing you down.  You know exactly what they are going to say before they open their mouths.  Hmmm!!!  Could that be what someone(s) that you know who are “thinking” the same thing about you?  Hmmm!!!

Could it be that we get so used to each other’s “con”versations that we individually and together tune each other out?  Is it scary?  Yes!!!  Terrifying.  Because we know each other’s language, words, dialogues, conversations, talk, etc we automatically “tune” each other out.  We already have the words, and the dialogue to say.  Why?  Because everyone involved knows the “SCRIPT”!  The stuck in the past descriptions of the “SCRIPT” called “con”versations with each other.

What is even funnier, is that we know each other’s physical dialogue through gestures, hand movements, facial distortions, head nods, shrugs and even shrinking from the conversations.  Everyone involved bodies know and re-act with… “oh no not again!”.  Whether this is said out loud, or not the body is silently screaming with.. “If I hear this one more time!”.  Oops, and how many more times does it take for the same repetitive conversation to be enacted over and over again.  The word “in” acted repeatedly.  Funny isn’t that what an actor does, especially in play….repeat the same dialogue, in the same way, every time. This is something to contemplate…immediately.

So back to Stuckness!  Stuckness is not just the body’s infusion of the trauma dramas from the past, it is also the unwillingness to let go of an experience in a time line that really does not apply to the current moments. Though the outside emotional triggers through the Duality left computer brain computes the experience or the familiarity of the experience of happening again is occurring right now.  However, it is not the “right” now. 

The experience interpreted by the left computer brain cannot discern that this is not “correct” to happen or repeat again.  The left computer brain is the perfect conduit of Duality to stay in stuckness.  This left computer brain is the pretending to be “smart”, “intelligent” as having a grasp on a situation.  This amazing left computer brain cannot distinguish time.  Though through the lens of the eye it “sees” the clock at any given time, yet when the emotional hooks are triggered all conscious discernment is unavailable for the person.  Totally amazing.

When the heart, and the real brain is the connection, clear conscious discernment becomes a valuable tool to NOT reexperience a trauma drama, an emotional hook to another timeline.  The heart absolutely discerns… “why is it necessary to redo, relive a trauma drama, draining the alive energy out of the body.  The drain lowers the immune system.  Illness, disease, sickness, dysfunction if replayed again. 

The Heart knows being “STUCK” in the past(s) is not worth one cell, one molecule, one particle, or one second of time being stuck in a place that does not physically exist any more!  Only the Duality left computer brain “tries” to “rat-tionalize the affect, effect and infect on the body, that it is okay to be emotionally and physically challenged and eventually depleted.  So the question to ask…”Why would I allow a past experience that makes me sick affect, effect, and infect my life now?”  You can “look” “observe” the experience from the NEO Non-Emotional Observer viewpoint.. and point out to your Self, is being caught, stuck in the past worth my life, my experience of life or my future, which is one second from any moment?  A great question to ask your Self!

So… from the NEO Non-Emotional Stand view point, get in charge of your life, how, what, and why you create experiences in your life that support and assist you to be in Charge of Your Life.  Now you can repeat experiences that you love, that honor you. This is NOT STUCKNESS.  For example, during those times when I was flying my airplane, I loved it.  I could be flexible and fly all over.  Yes, I was repeating flying and enjoying every moment of my experiences.  Now I have these fabulous cellular memory experiences that uplift me.  I am not living in the past. I am not stuck in the past.  I am in the enjoyment and joy of these experiences I created for my Self.

For sure you have experiences that you love. Savor them in your cellular memories, hold them in your heart and embrace the joy of them.  This is not in any way reliving trauma dramas and being stuck to them. A huge difference in the health of you, your body, and your life!  Dump the stuckness!  Stuckness has no value in any way, shape, or form!  




“Stuck is the muck of the emotional past trauma dramas, not worth your present moments of time”
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