Have you ever had an experience that you did not plan? Have you had a situation that just happened? Have you ever experienced a “coincidence”? Have you ever had thought “why is this happening to me now?” Is this fate? Is this a chance? Is this destiny? Is this fortune? Is this by design? OR is this experience I am having by design? Perhaps divine design!!!

As you reflect on a past or even current situation, did the event or events leave you with more questions, than answers? More questions!!! How many times did you allow your Self to notice these experiences, or did you ignore them?

Did experiences, situations, or events happen to you in the past that you did not “see” or recognize at that particular moment? Yet upon reflection, you began to notice that perhaps you have had many many experiences in your life which you perhaps pretended did not happen. Or perhaps you acknowledge you “missed” an opportunity for something, yet allowed your Self to miss it? 

So many questions about these things that you might call an accident. Yet in retrospect, you are now in this current moment or current moments, and upon reflection are now recognizing that some happened out of the “blue”! Yet at the time you did not recognize or “see” the opportunity or opportunities of what was happening in that moment or those moments.


Many times, these missed opportunities are because our Left Computer Brains are so in “con”trol of our lives that we, individually and together, miss what is really going on. We can attribute it to “brain fog” or not paying attention or whatever explanation that we are “trying” to rationalize to explain missing something, an opportunity, or whatever?

Through the Duality Programs of limitations, in the resonance of these frequencies and vibrations of restrictions, we all are programmed to restrict our Selves, especially from recognizing these experiences of “nothing happens by accident”! These so-called accidental occurrences bring remarkable and out of the limitation boxes of Duality encounters to our lives. 

Though these remarkable happenings, we may “think” are weird, turn out to be significant and sometimes astonishing happening in our lives. They could be called wake-up calls, paradigm shifts, or “out of the box” events that support and assist us, individually and collectively to expand, develop, and increase our own abilities of our intuition!

These so-called “nothing happens by accident” events bring not only a deeper awareness from the inside out of us, but these unusual events also create connections. These incredible connections can be the most exciting change agents in the lives of those individuals who come together in life through these so-called “nothing happens by accident!” experiences.

In my own firsthand experiences, “these nothing happens by accident” turn out to be the most life-changing occurrences ever! Personally, and professionally, which is one and the same to me, these encounters have assisted me to gain knowledge, to discover how really connected we are to each other, even with so-called strangers.

There are really no strangers! The strangeness is the Duality Programming of staying in your own paradigm of what we “think” we know, which is so limiting and disconnecting to each other. As we become more “willing” to explore life, to create these, sometimes life-altering, nothing happens by accident events in our lives, we all benefit!

As an example, at a conference, not planned to attend, yet this opportunity presented itself to me, my great fortune in this example, is meeting 5 strangers! These five strangers became five new connections not only with me but with all of us involved in an incredible encounter of the not planned kind! 

We are all connected. From different parts of the country, and different walks of life, yet we found our Selves profoundly connected. Through these unplanned meetings, we have made plans with each other. To keep in touch, to chat, to be connected!

Did we get into an outcome of how this unplanned meeting is supposed to come? NO! Not one of us got into the future, which has not been created yet! YET! We recognize that Nothing Happens by Accident! We acknowledge that there are not really any accidents in this incident that brought us all together.

We all recognize, in the present tense, that we came together for many reasons. Some reasons are yet to be discovered. The so-called moral to the story is to be OPEN, Be WiLLING! BE Free to explore to connect, to share, to learn, and to grow!


Deliberate accidents can deliberately shift your Self, embrace them!
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