What does blame mean? WOW this word is so full of many meanings! These words are full of mean! Yet, is the word and all its meanings really mean? Or is the world BLAME full of meaning? Hmmm???

Blame means to accuse, charge, censure, hold responsible, condemn, criticize, denunciate, attribute and slam a person or persons or a group! The judgment, the underlying core, of this word blame is very dysfunctional at the foundation and core of this labeling!

Please consider how many times you have been blamed for something you did not do. Or how many times have you blamed someone for something they did not do. Consider even deeper that perhaps in being on both sides of the “fence” of blame, as the blamer and the accused, that miscommunication at the core is the issue or issues!

Unfortunately, the Blame Game raises its hand especially in family problems. This Blame Game behavior is very dysfunctional to the cohesiveness within a family or even a group. The Blame Game divides people not only from each other, but divides a person within his or her Self. It gets very confusing.

In the confusing, many times, and the truth is, the Blame Game can divide families and groups for years. What does that mean? It means that relationships that could have had some great experiences and be in connectedness are ruined. Especially when the divided “parties”, find out it is not a party or fun to be disconnected from each other.

From a standpoint of time, how much time and effort is wasted in a past experience, perhaps not fully understood of what was going on is a person’s life at the time. This is not to excuse very “bad” behavior. So, instead of allowing the behavior to escalate and then to “build” up emotional anger, which is physical and let it fester for sometimes years, the Blame Game takes on a life of its own. And the life is not very productive or connected. Disconnect becomes the foundation!

Emotionality fuels the fire of the Be Lame Game!


Where are these issues? These issues are in the tissues of the left computer brain which is attempting to process a Duality paradigm of victim-victimizer that creates and supports opposition. The opposition is the Blame Game!

In the Blame Game no one wins. Though it may appear at times that there is a winner and a loser, Blame or the Be-Lame Game is crippling to everyone. Not only the two individuals, or two groups involved but all those who are the collateral damage in this very narrow-banded resonance of expression.

The expression comes through words, which are very emotional and very physical. The words of Blame and the BE LAME Game inflict so much damage. The damage is not only to the one being blamed but the one who is the accuser. With this statement, it doesn’t mean that a person who does something incorrect or acts in an appropriate way is not to be ignored. This is not about ignoring. It is about addressing what is really going on in both the behavior and the opposition to the behavior!

The Non-Duality Conscious “thing” to do is to address the origination or core of the emotional and the physical emotional problem. The problem is how the person or persons are acting out their emotional issues. The best and first step is to discover what is happening within the person who is acting out, doing or acting inappropriately in a situation. Is the person extremely anger, yelling, being physically harmful in his or her behavior?

To so-called deal with this, is not to yell or retaliate. In Non-Duality Consciousness is to assist and support the person as well as your Self to comprehend that what happened in the past cannot be changed. The past is one second ago! However, in the moment, when all parties involved are willing to address the origination point of the conflict and Non-Emotionally address what happened by not allowing the left compute brain to “act out” as though the past is in the moment.

Now to be in the moment, figure out Non-Emotionally through Non-Emotionally Listening through everyone’s heart, your real brain, the solution or solutions can be worked out! The past cannot be changed. Only in the moment, can the future be changed. The future is one second from NOW! Holding on to something that cannot be changed does not make Conscious Sense.

Senseless time, effort and the physical damage by staying emotionally attached to something that has happened in the past and cannot be changed makes NO SENSE.. it is NON SENSE!

With resolutions, solutions can happen. Now be willing! To either stay in the relationship or relationships! Or be willing to move on in any direction! Yet not be emotionally and physically emotionally attached to a situation, event, or experience with someone or the others in the past which is not changeable.

The healing takes place in acceptance, being willing to see that hanging onto something or someone in the unchangeable past is simply not worth your life now.

Move On!



“To Blame or Not to Blame…Stop blaming and stop crippling your self is the answer!”
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