Hmmmm! Thinky thinking… and/or Clear Deliberate Thoughts!!! Is there a difference? OMG! The difference is not like day or night… the difference is life and the living dead! Ever watch some of the zombie movies, apocalypse now or then, or when? 

Here’s an observation. Without judgment, not kidding, have you ever just observed people in a crowd, with very little expression on their faces, looking completely blank? Or in a grocery store, or public place, that one particular person, who caught your eye and you know in your heart is in pain, yet they barely show any expressions on his or her face? The zombie look of disconnection from Self!

Do you ever wonder what is going on? From me, and it is not because of my “title” or designation of being a Medical Intuitive, not this at all. Through, the best tool for me every day is NEO Non-Emotional Observer and many times the observation is that someone that crosses my path in a grocery store, or on the street, is in such deep pain.

Yes, perhaps because in my “work” every day, observation of my clients provides me with incredible information about this particular person. My environment provides a safe space for a person to begin to heal his”self” or her “self”. This is my objective for them. Showing them to observe their bodies and to observe them Selves is a huge step in Self-Healing!

Yet out in public places, someone might catch my observing eye, not to interfere or be in judgment, it is the emotional state a person is expressing through their field that is felt by me.  The field of a person, you can call it aura, bio-energy field, or electromagnetic field, expresses so much that is going on in the person’s body, from the past, present, and even the future! This information all comes together in the current moments. The body expresses so much information that has been taught to ignore!

The resonance of a person’s field says it all. Without words or language, again, the body expresses so much. There is a huge difference in how the individual is processing her or his issues in their tissues as well as their Duality left computer brain. The thinky thinking is definitely the repeatable left computer brain, that creates the agony and self-doubt.

The left computer brain’s job is to process, reprocess, and process, again and again, problems and emotional attachments to the past. This is the programmable and reprogrammable of … not good enough, screw up, oops I did it again and again… all the self-doubt and self-judgment of oneself. As one transition from the “thinky thinking” elements of your left computer brain, the real practical magic begins to happen!

Clear, deliberate thoughts from your real brain and your heart are activated. Your view of life shifts. Your participation through your lens of NEO Non-Emotional Observer actively shifts or changes your perspective of life. Your perspective of life, from your real brain, your heart, becomes active and your activities within your day and everyday shifts!!!

This inner shift is the inner shift from your heart, establishing a resonance of Clear Deliberate Thoughts. Your patterning, your design of life, your creativity, and most of all your natural innate abilities to discern what is the best for you is activated… YOUR INTUITION!


The significance of your inner significance to establish what is significant to you in life, to invent Your Life, to design Your Health, to initiate Your Experiences in life… all through your Intuitive Abilities to invent, initiate, and produce Your Life Clearly, Focused and Deliberately each and every day.

Your efforts are not cumbersome. You, in fact, “lighten up”. You become your “light body” in this physical world. No Woo Woo! Your light body is the elimination of the density of the molecules of emotions that make you sick, hold you back, and stop you from being YOU. All of these issues are generated from your Duality Thinky-Thinking left computer brain. 

Your Freedom To Be YOU is directly produced through your amazing “light”, your Clear Thought Energy Resonance, minus the heavy, dense, cumbersome, dark, icky, sticky molecules of emotions of your Thinky thinking left computer brain!

Your Freedom to be YOU is Your Aliveness. Your unlimited Aliveness is Your Clear Thought Foundation that supports you and assists you to create, implement, manifest, and actualize Your Best Life. 

Will there be ups and downs? Yes, through your Clear Consciousness Shift from the inside out!  Certainly! Yet these Duality-based obstacles begin to dissipate, the more Clear Deliberate Heart based Thought You Become! 





“Your clear thoughts are the origin of YOU!”
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