What is sight, insight, and from what site?  How are they connected?  How they are disconnected?  How do these three words have an impact or impacts on your life when they are connected or not connected?  There is a huge similar differentiation.  Doesn’t this sound like an oxymoron?  A similar differentiation between these three words that have to do with “seeing”!  

Interesting!  Can’t always see what you can’t see!  Especially if you are not willing to “see” the huge difference between the facts and the emotions connected to a situation or an event in your life!  

SIGHT Vision, the Ability to See or get the picture!

INSIGHT Intuitive Vision to Comprehend the facts!

SITE Position or location of an event!

When these three words, which have different yet connected meanings are separated within you, what is it you are “seeing” or not seeing in your experience or experiences that can “blind and bind” you to see the Truth?  The difference between the Truth and the facts can impact your life when what you are “seeing” is emotionally disruptive to your experiences of life.  You can be interrupted time and time again, through your journey of life but not be able “to see” the facts of a situation, an experience, a relationship, an association. 

This definitely is not to judge any of your Self created experiences in any way.  The message of this article is perhaps to enhance within you and your Self, your natural innate ability to discern your own inner insight inside of you, your own inner site of your body’s brilliant Cellular Memory to provide and support your own physical eye “sight” to use your “insight” from within your body’s “site” of clear consciousness to see life through the lenses of a fully Conscious Non Duality person.  

Letting go of all the Self Judgment of the Duality Self Limitation Programs, which do not have any benefits of how you see your Self, your life(s), and your aliveness.  Being Alive, fully conscious, is to have the Sight, the natural Insightfulness of you, radiating from within the site, the body of you as a fully conscious being!

In so many languages around the world, Wordoloy is Your Biology has been encrypted, imprinted, imbedded with so many variations of words, appearing and perhaps sounding different, yet these words were created through the Duality Programs of limitations to take away your own sense of your Self. 

Though many words have been twisted and “con” voluted to make you “fit” into Duality paradigms of limitations, through the use of language, when you get to the core of what does language mean to you, you begin the conscious evolution of your own Self.  Words are just meant to describe an experience, an event, a situation… the best it can be described. 

To connect to your Sight, Insight, and Site… this all begins within YOU!  How you see life through the facts, not Dualities lies and “con”trol through interpreted language and words, you expand beyond limitations of Duality’s that take way your own Sight, Insight, coming from the Site inside you!



“Your natural innate ability of your insight supports you to “see” what your site is”

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